Pope Francis' US Itinerary Revealed

The pontiff will visit Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City during his historic trip to the United States.
1:42 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis' US Itinerary Revealed
are close to him say this is not a pope who is trying to pope Gett ING ready for his historic vit tsio the U.S. The first pontiff ever to address congress, throngs of the faithful said to flood the nation's capital to greet pope Francis. Walkout. The big shake-up in the republican race. Former front-runner Scott walker drops out calling on the gop to topple tmpru and Ben Carson walks back his this is a rare gesture for a president to show up to an airplane afforded to very few dignitary, the highlights for Washington, D.C., of course, that white house visit, 15,000 people expected at the white house lawn and, of course, that historic first ever papal address to congress. Now, congress has been warned, there are rules about these thing, what you won't see this time around like you do at the state of the union, those fist bumps, handshakes. This is the house where the pope is going to be spending his evenings here in D.C. Right across from the vice president's mansion. I know it's hard to believe I haven't been invited inside. It's supposed to be told much Lovier than the digs where pope Francis stays back in the Vatican. I'm sure your invitation was lost in the mail, Cecilia, thank you. ABC news has live coverage of pope Francis all week long beginning with his arrival in D.C. At approximately 4:00 P.M. Eastern time this afternoon and, George, I know you're heading there right after "Gma." He lands at Andrews air force base.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"The pontiff will visit Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City during his historic trip to the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33940332","title":"Pope Francis' US Itinerary Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-us-itinerary-revealed-33940332"}