Pope Francis Welcomed in New York City

The pontiff greeted the faithful as he traveled down Fifth Avenue to St. Patrick's Cathedral on the second leg of his historic 6-day trip to the United States.
13:24 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Welcomed in New York City
This is an ABC news special report. Good evening again from New York City everyone I'm David Muir and we are here tonight might along Fifth Avenue Saint Patrick's Cathedral right here behind me and you want to take you. Straight to the images coming in at this hour. Pope Francis talking to cardinal Dolan at this hour you can see he's in the Pope mobile and we've been reporting here. On this bookmobile for the last several days it's actually Jeep Wrangler. Made in America we know those wranglers have made in Toledo Ohio he's waiting to the crowd here. And as we've seen so often along these routes in the last 24 hours tens of thousands of people gathered for their moment we hope France's. At times they stopped the Pope mobile as you know lifting children to bless them there was the little girl yesterday. Who ran through the barricade not once but twice the Secret Service stopping her but then he motioned to let the little girl come up. To the Pope mobile you can actually CD incredible amount of security gathered in New York City tonight as I look straight up Fifth Avenue. He is about 56 blocks from where we're standing were at the cathedral where he'll. Join a number of people for evening prayers gathered here and the young people just waiting to see him. They've been waving to us at our location all afternoon. As he starts. To make his way down Fifth Avenue the Pope mobile has stopped as you know. A but as we looked up Fifth Avenue an incredible amount of police presence there has been a lot of talk about the unprecedented level of security. Of course here in New York he'll be here for. The next 24 hours he'll come to saint Patrick's here tonight for those evening prayers that I mentioned. Tomorrow he'll go to the UN he'll deliver a speech there will also visit ground zero. A where we're told he'll talk with the relatives of twenty of the victims the rescuers who did not survive on nine elevenths. He'll make his way through Central Park and Terry Moran has been traveling with the Pope every step of the way Terry. This is a Pope who seems to be enjoying every moment of this trip making history just this morning in the nation's capital not afraid to go there with the issues in from the very polarized cops. It's absolutely David he challenged to be just like climate change inequality abortion the whole range of issues and you're absolutely right he's enjoying himself. His spokesman telling us the hope is happy this is his first visit to. The United States his first visit to New York into the helicopter ride from the airport to Wall Street think of that the statue of liberty the Brooklyn Bridge. The New York City skyline for the first time and he is invigorated 78 years old a grueling schedule he's haven't. All you can see that he's surrounded by security and many people have talked about how this poll really tests security tests the boundaries of a security in this modern air you know he has said. That you can't be fearful that he is the people's vote. They've named in that not the Pope himself but you can see why. You know there have been so many moments in this visit the US already where he is literally lifted babies kissed him on the forehead and at that personal moment. And and that's the way you do like to be demand to traveling with him for a few days you get the sense that he answers his own heart in the moment. What is heart doesn't do do Keith. Follow concluded thunderous amount of the cause they can now see a Fifth Avenue here in New York City. The incredible police presence. The red lights flashing that's their only signal from our vantage point that the Pope mobile is in fact making its way. We know. Completely surrounded and it Terry this is incredible the scene CNBC play out over and over again people would their cameras in the hands. After all he's the first Pope to ever take a self he had he's done several on this. Trip as straight here is somebody who when he gets to that crowd response of the crowd and everyone is this whole. I'm poses with them and he's happy happy and waving to the crowd as he comes down Fifth Avenue nap right now. The camera you can see getting jostled their bid just because of the scope of of the number of people who gathered to see have been incredible police. Presidency NYPD. And we're looking at pictures of the bulls right now now. That is the Jeep Wrangler we've been talking about it you can seats open homicides this glass in the front. But again this Pope has been extraordinarily. Accessible. Natalie the way that he travels but in the -- he's communicated with Americans on this trip. Terry we were talking yesterday about how much he's practice his English when we were inside the Vatican a couple of weeks ago. He surprised us with a few lines in English and the people who surround him said he was taking it very seriously practicing the most his practice it was since 1980. And he worked hard on you could hear in the address in the rose in the at the White House and in congress he speaks slowly and carefully but with. Her clarity he's worked very hard because he knows every award you're in the United States is an opportunity for him to build bridges. To enlist people for this church in the world action to make a difference in the world that he wants people to. Terry as you know our colleague Cecilia Vega has also been covering the visit here to. America and seize on the rise is here just over the crowd. A little further down Fifth Avenue from us and Cecilia just talk to us about the excitement you're witnessing from this enormous crowd that's gathered here in New York. And congress is right David this is New York's moments in this pope's three city tour I'm pulling out an interesting contrast to meet. This is this poll is a champion of the war and here he is in that poll mobile. Right down Fifth Avenue I Fifth Avenue one of the Rick streets in the world is quite a contrast. Indeed I can tell you right tell your friends think that's good. Think at Citigroup. This crowd is right we are waiting for the Pope to arrive let's he rules by Eagles tight circle believable. Pozen rips through Fifth Avenue and we're waiting any minute the doors at cathedral are now open you could hear those bells tolling governor. Cuomo was right in front of the basilica here everybody ready for the Pope finally finally its New York's turned it. New York's turned to silly and you make a great point about a capitalism you know the Pope has been very outspoken. Up from the moment he became Pope saying how I would love four church and for the poor. And and you make the point to say that he's don't traveling down Fifth Avenue and anyone who news New York anyone who's traveled to New York. Knows that tourists often come here this is where the most expensive shopping is in New York. And we saw in the short time ability of Donald Trump. On trump tower actually trying to get a glimpse of the opening gambit it was interesting Terry today that the Pope signaled that it's got capitalism it's not a robust economy that he's against. It's what you do with the money that you make. Exactly. The ordered capitalism isn't the capital. Grounded in values of sharing of helping the hope for a lifting people up. He has been drawn in some places a kind of left his demons and he denied that to a southern plains and that's an error what he wants. Isn't more come units here. Loving community. We're looking at live pictures you're watching ABC news live coverage of both brands as his visit. To America as you know making history in Washington DC this morning now here in New York City this evening. We can see him he's just about a block and a half from where we're standing right now. In the Pope mobile turning from side to side and back again here the crowd right behind this Hussein. Oh there he has you can see him. He's dressed in the same manner that he was dressed in nineteen was announced as Pope but he walked out and that helped to be a very simple one passage. The departure comes from the agencies of the past. You can hear the crowds. And their incredible welcome here for hope France's they've been waiting here all afternoon and many of us who have been here for hours now before this moment but to no. Defenses and just the level of security to make sure this Pope is safe during his visit to New York City. People being here. For evening prayers just a few moments from now but as you could see. He's also looking at the towering buildings and the crowds that have gathered along Fifth Avenue here. Weaving from side to side in that very familiar smile there you see him right there. People holding posters and signs and cheering in. You can see the school children for one of the Catholic schools they're about a half block from getting their moment. With the Pope ceiling they can't wait they've been waiting to us here at ABC across the way all afternoon but. Make no mistake they're here for full practice and you can hear them right here behind me. They're about to get their moment with the Pope. A waving directly to them you can see it incredible amount of Secret Service here on Fifth Avenue as the Pope comes right behind us. He's about another 2030 feet from us now hope practice here are about to go in to seek out. As we all know. Has undergone an incredible renovation in these last couple of years simply beautiful on the inside you can see the Pope right behind us as he goes by. So many gathered. At the front door of the good people about Teri and and we have seen this everywhere he goes. Even today talking about those who did master might not be able to pray they might not believers but he said. Hope for me Cindy good. Machines he's this humble Pope it. Of course but he is. The president for good wishes and you're right. Doesn't really matter to him as he told us whether or not to believe. What matters is what's in your heart and more important for this hoped the work. We saw him holding those roses a moment ago he's stepping out of the Pope mobile. Actually conceded shoes that at it it heat he's known for his orthopedic shoes. Is very very relatable heat. Being exchanged as wins is in Rome a short time before the trip from every told the man in the eye glass door right away to spend a lot of money a lot of people from. That in this Pope. But he's standing outside his read the mayor of New York City right now among other dignitaries. The cardinal is here as well and then inside the church you could already see people gathered. In the fuse on each side of the stairwell. Double lead into the cathedral. Are enormous groups and you can see the little flashes and the lights on the Smartphone so many of them are simply. Not taking pictures but documented the whole thing taking a video of this moment you can see New York governor. Andrew Cuomo there with the Pope as well now talking to mayor to blogs ago. Senator Schumer here as well. And I don't know if you've been here at home and we hope you can just the sheer amount of excitement that spells. Toll here at the cathedral. And I'd have to say given given the scale of this is. Program has been a phenomenal job. And allowing people opposed to this hope of making sure that this. After they've let. It's possible to try to get out of the way to very professional force and as you point out this of hope who likes to get close to. Wind is ours you know he did not. How and hobnobbing with the rich and powerful would you like to be apple Mario's and ended the ghettos and that's. That's me. In this instance he's got to meet the governor's got to meet the Mary's got to meet the rich and powerful in the cathedral there but there's no question. Related. And as soon. Troops here you can see the smile. Wyden on his face when he's done with the dignitaries. Meaning no disrespect but that. That is a very true point that he wants to connect with the people along the way you talk about his time back in Argentina he was famous for riding the subways there. That iconic image now of him riding the subway we know that the night he was named Pope. That instead of taking the limo that was waiting for him like the black suburban to receive your right behind us instead of the limos the fancy cars instead got into the bus with the cardinals would just. Elected him Pope. He's encouraged the priests in the nuns of the Catholic Church. Provide and fumbled cars he said we don't need more than the small compact cars that we have and I remember when we were at the Vatican the republic of nuns and waved to us. Up from their compact cars he continues to greet the dignitaries were waiting for him. Here on the stairs and this will be a very very busy trip this part of the trip here in new York and speak before the UN tomorrow. He will also visit ground zero as I mentioned before which. Is extraordinarily court. You worked many years have passed but this is a city that still remembers 9/11 and vivid detail and you'll see those reflecting pools tomorrow. He'll have a moment to connect with families in fact we've been told he'll meet with twenty relatives. Of victims of 9/11 those victims rescuers. Gonna wrap up our special report coverage for many view that means whirled news tonight we'll continue in a moment and for the rest of the country we'll see you for world news tonight a bit later on David you'll. Thanks for watching. Listening. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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{"duration":"13:24","description":"The pontiff greeted the faithful as he traveled down Fifth Avenue to St. Patrick's Cathedral on the second leg of his historic 6-day trip to the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34021483","title":"Pope Francis Welcomed in New York City","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-welcomed-york-city-34021483"}