Pope Election: Black Smoke Emerges Twice in Papal Conclave

Cokie Roberts discusses the Papal conclave and the smoke signals from the Sistine Chapel.
2:14 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Pope Election: Black Smoke Emerges Twice in Papal Conclave
We're going to go now to abc's cokie roberts who is also there in vatican city. Of course, knows a great deal about politics and you heard what josh just said there, breaking for lunch right now. Of course, everything is in secret but what's your best guess what's going on, cokie. Oh, I think now you have the real politicking, because now they've had three ballots so they know who's not getting votes. They know they can't hold out for somebody that one of them might have thought was just really the perfect pope. So now they're starting to make, say, okay, if my guy is not going to get it, let me think about th other guy and somebody is probably working hard on them to make them t about another guy. The one thing we know is they're not allowed, at least officially, to make deals, so they're not supposed to say, if you aelect my guy pope he will promise to name this guy as secretary of state or anything like that. No promises can be made. But I think that what you see in here is a win knowing of the field. It's like you said, somebody could have thought of somebody and realizing that that is -- that person is not going to be elected pope but it's not as you said, it's not politicking like we're used to here in america. No, it's not, although I'm sure that it's like old-style smoke-filled rooms when we used to have smoke, you know, in rooms, but I think it's more like that kind of politicking than the open sort of convention that we've gotten used to in recent decades. But I do think that there are different views about what's needed in a pope and that's one of the reasons it's not happening immediately. Some people think that the pope needs to come in and clean up the mess in the vatican. Some people think that a pope needs to come in and be charismatic and communicative and get out in the world and talk to especially the youth of the world. Some people are looking for continuity. A lot of people looking for change and so there are real differences of views inside those rooms. And that could be leading to why we're waiting for the fourth vote later today. Okay, cokie, thank you ver much.

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{"id":18716981,"title":"Pope Election: Black Smoke Emerges Twice in Papal Conclave","duration":"2:14","description":"Cokie Roberts discusses the Papal conclave and the smoke signals from the Sistine Chapel.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-voting-continues-black-smoke-emerges-papal-conclave-18716981","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}