Popular Christmas Gift Linked to Numerous House Fires

Some hoverboards have exploded and caught fire while charging.
2:18 | 12/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Popular Christmas Gift Linked to Numerous House Fires
But first new worries about one of the most popular gifts under the tree. Yeah, hoverboard and ns, some exploding. What should you do if this is one of the gifts Santa brought you. Marci Gonzalez has more. Reporter: At least ten hoverboard related fires have sent people to the hospital. There are concerns it could happen more now that Christmas is over and the gives that were once tucked safely under the tree are now being used. It is one of the most popular gifts this Christmas season. It's on fire. Reporter: But buyer, beware. These cool self-balancing hoverboards aren't just tricky to maneuver. There are numerous reports of the scooters catching fire. This family shared their terrifying story with our ABC station in Raleigh, WTVD. Smoking and caught fire and there was a fireworks show. Reporter: Luckily a guest at a dinner party noticed it before it was too late. I didn't really realize how serious this could be. I didn't think about it exploding and catching fire in your home where you could lose everything. Reporter: Still, they were fortunate. This Georgia family, though, not so much. I had seen one thing where one like sparked or caught fire while someone was riding it but I hadn't heard anything else. Reporter: They weren't home while theirs was charging. Neighbors found the house engulfed in flames. There's a range of quality, some people using cheaper batteries. Because of those stories we've been more careful about leaving them plugged in. Reporter: The consumer products safety commission advises never to charge them overnight or when you can't observe. Also to charge in an open area away from combustibles and not to charge directly after riding. But this Georgia mom doesn't think it's worth taking a chance. Taking it back, definitely. Do not plug it up. Do not take it out of the box. Just take it back. Reporter: Some other advice from the experts before you even take your hoverboard out of the box, do some research on the manufacturer to see if there are records of any problems with a particular brand that you have. Now, no one has actually fallen off the hoverboard and caught fire at the same time. That's my next report. That's my biggest fear. I want to try one. Me too.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Some hoverboards have exploded and caught fire while charging.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35956990","title":"Popular Christmas Gift Linked to Numerous House Fires","url":"/GMA/video/popular-christmas-gift-linked-numerous-house-fires-35956990"}