Trying out 3 popular clothing box services

"GMA" partnered with Glamour magazine to try out Wantable, Stitch Fix and Dia & Co, three popular clothing box services.
4:00 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Trying out 3 popular clothing box services
we're going to move to our frugal fashionista series. We love this one. And this morning we're breaking down the clothing box trend. If you've heard of this delivering a wardrobe designed just for you to your doorstep. There's a company called stitch fix leading the way with more than $700 million in sales last year. So more companies are jumping into the market and Paula Faris is here now with a closer look. Good morning to you, Lara. As you just said this is multimillion dollar business with a huge convenience factor if you're like me, I break out in hives when I have to shop. These are delivered to your door. Here's how it works, you give your size and preferences and for a fee the companies will do the rest but can they nail your style better than you can? Take a look. It's a great piece and throw it on over anything. Trunk club is among the growing number of companies expanding this kind of in person styling service for women on the internet. Clothing box service is like this one takes the legwork out of shopping. Customers fill out a questionnaire and for about $20 a stylist does your shopping for you. And at trunk club stylists let you preview their picks in an e-mail. I think they're very popular. Evan Clark of women's wear daily says the appeal of clothing boxes is more than just about convenience. With the subscription boxes, they're looking at their customer base as individuals and that's I think a very powerful kind of approach and it's new in fashion. Reporter: But what about the services that send you their picks sight unseen. Lauren Chan fashion features editor at glamour and former plus size model, a size 16 which is average for women in the U.S. Is skeptical. I think it's pretty hard to nail somebody's style based on a form. Reporter: She agrees to help us check out clothing box services wantable, stitch fix and Dia & . When they arrived we transferred those into new boxes show she wouldn't know which clothes came from which company. I could do this. Reporter: She liked most of what was in the first box but it was a totally different story in the dressing room. You're not even going to come out. I can't. I don't even know if I can walk in it. Reporter: She had questions about this. I wonder if it will be too billowy. Reporter: The third box. Very prized and happy. Reporter: Inside each box five items hand picked by a stylist meant to match her budget and style. Lauren selected clothes that fell into the midrange of 50 to $100 apiece. There were keepers like this one. This outfit I like. The winning look so far. Reporter: A few that didn't make the cut. So I didn't want to try this one on. Reporter: But she did have a clear favorite liking four out of the five items in box B. Who do you think box B is. Three, two, one? Oh. Reporter: Lauren liked stitch fix best overall. She liked two items from Dia Dia & co and one piece from wantable. Wantable said they were excited she loved one of their items and said we welcome all feedback that allows us to pry an exceptional customer experience for customers who use our personal styling service. Dia & co which specializes in sizes 14 and up said more than 75% of their stylists identify as plus size themselves and over time, work with customers to build an incredible wardrobe. Lauren picked stitch fix, say they use a combination of feedback from clients to understand what they want and think that sets them apart and, Lara, these services learn a ton about the returns. They learning just as much about your style and most offer some sort of prepaid shipping label and also intersent advise it and wantable gives you 20% off if you keep all the items and others will give you about 25%. We were just asking some of the audience members. They said it's worth it because you if try it and don't like it, it's free shipping. You like to go to the store. I don't. I think I'll try it out. I am adverse to shopping or you could just do it for me. We'll talk about it. Thank you, Paula. Guess who is here?

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{"id":49810458,"title":"Trying out 3 popular clothing box services ","duration":"4:00","description":"\"GMA\" partnered with Glamour magazine to try out Wantable, Stitch Fix and Dia & Co, three popular clothing box services. ","url":"/GMA/video/popular-clothing-box-services-49810458","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}