Popular Dating Website Allows Users to Pay to Filter Candidates

Ok Cupid offering filter to sort suitors by body shape and size.
3:04 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Popular Dating Website Allows Users to Pay to Filter Candidates
The hugely popular dating website, okcupid, now allowing users to filter candidates by body type. Stirring up a lot of buzz. Bianna golodryga has that. Reporter: Okcupid.Com describes itself as the fastest growing free dating site for singles. But this morning, many of its users are taking issue with the service the site is charging for. Giving users access to the body types of potential dates. In the uncertain world of online dating, finding your true love is like finding a needle in a haystack. You must be exhausted. Reporter: And this morning, one site is adding another twist to that never-ending checklist. Single, check. Educated, check. How about thin, overweight, or used up? The popular dating website, okcupid okcupid.Com, is raising eyebrows by offering a filter to sort by body type. I think it discriminates on somebody based on a physical aspect that can be changed, is completely unfair. Reporter: For an extra fee of $5 to $10, users can weed out various shapes and sideses of their potential dates. Something the co-founder of okcupid defends as a true-to-life dating option. If you're at a bar, physical appearance is something you take into account. Reporter: Okcupid members, like 28-year-old alana, says the feature can make online dating even more stressful. How you self-identify on the site and how your going to be perceived by your date is going to be a point of potential insecurity. Reporter: But the option of choosing a body type is just that. An option. The idea it is -- just doesn't hold water. The feature is obviously a feature of a dating site. You have an option not to fill in anything that you're not comfortable revealing online. Reporter: But is okcupid shooting the arrow of love into its bottom line? It's not bad for business if people are finding the site easy to use. And finding the site enjoyable and coming back to the site. Reporter: And our online dater, alana, says despite the controversy, she's staying on the site. Still hoping to find mr. Right on okcupid. I think everyone who uses the site and uses the feature understands that they like what they like. I've gone on great dates. Have a few in the pipeline. We'll see how it ends up. Reporter: The ceo acknowledges this is a sensitive issue for some people. And the option to choose body type or attractiveness is reserved for premium service users. This is a free site. I found more interesting that he believes, and tell me what you think, that it's more offensive to ask somebody's height. So, they don't include that as opposed to weight. Not at all. Not at all. Right in the middle of it. I know. Tee it up. Let the big dog eat. Coming up here next, rap

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Ok Cupid offering filter to sort suitors by body shape and size. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20442268","title":"Popular Dating Website Allows Users to Pay to Filter Candidates","url":"/GMA/video/popular-dating-website-users-pay-filter-candidates-20442268"}