Popular High School Coach Loses Job Over Racy Film

Conn. basketball coach is fighting for his job after being fired for a film made a decade ago.
2:23 | 03/01/13

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Transcript for Popular High School Coach Loses Job Over Racy Film
Now, to a popular high school basketball coach fighting to get his job back. He says he was pushed out over a racy video he made ten years ago. Some parents at the school now taking his side. Abc's gio benitez is here with much more on this. A lot of eyes on this story. Reporter: It's interesting. Good morning. This story is creating controversy across the nation. Many asking how much of your past should come back to haunt you? Perhaps most surprising is what parents are saying. Mike visdo was a possible high school coach, known for setting a good example and winning games. It's not just about coaching kids' basketball. It's about keaching them life lessons. Reporter: But this morning, he's out of a job because of this. I'M SO PSYCHED. Reporter: This is also visdo, not on the court. But starring in a raunchy short film back in 2003, while he was working as an actor. It's something he hadn't thought about for years, until he says it was e-mailed to his bosses at weston high in february. It may not be the film everybody likes to watch. Not pornographic. No nudity. I was an actor. The film is extremely sexually explicit. Contains vulgarity and demeans certain types of individuals. Reporter: After agreeing with vhzdo, he agreed to resign. The school sent this letter to parents saying he quit due to person reasons. And he could not lead the program the way it needed to be led. But vhizdo says he was forced out. They're my sons. Reporter: In the weeks since he stopped coaching, parents rallied around him. He was an actor in a film produced who has gone on to be successful in the industry. He's been very involved in the community. We believe he's a good role model and a good person. Reporter: This morning, the school district says it is, quote, continuing its review of the matter. But that's little comfort for vhizdo, whose team will play in the state playoffs on sunday, most likely without him. This morning, sources tell us the school is in talks with vhizdo, working on possibly rehiring. If you're asking who the director was? It's a guy who has written and directed small films for more than a decade. Even work as jack black's personal assistant for a few years.

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{"id":18627947,"title":"Popular High School Coach Loses Job Over Racy Film","duration":"2:23","description":"Conn. basketball coach is fighting for his job after being fired for a film made a decade ago.","url":"/GMA/video/popular-high-school-mike-hvizado-coach-loses-job-18627947","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}