Belly Wraps Rise in Popularity Among New Moms

Women looking to regain their pre-baby figures do so without surgery, diets.
3:00 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Belly Wraps Rise in Popularity Among New Moms
This -- game between thirty and 35 pounds when they're pregnant. And many -- much more losing that weight can be issued a challenge yes there's a sensible way you can. -- on -- diet or exercise that's hard work some woman. Choose the -- -- and then there are those who are going in a different direction that doesn't involve either of those things ABC's -- -- entry got. Explains. -- Patients are incredible one -- celebrities are pregnant rock the baby bump the next they're back at -- and figure hugging dresses. It looks so easy but it feels fine says -- -- -- It's not. Can come up and hobbling had a baby and will report and so I've been pregnant but. They had had always been compete but would she have her son Jackson she was surprised to find out how bloated at your mom's tummy remains -- childbirth. An effort to get her figure back she turned to a shower -- she'd been given by -- girlfriend. Called a sense a girl like apparatus she wore around her torso morning noon and night. As it works it actually being -- with -- and so you tighten it up and kind of watch -- -- -- and found the results of wearing Ralph says and was unbelievable. Within a month you know you back here to protect and thinking than you and me you know it's not like it diet -- exercise than me it's just enjoy being a mom. And is among the growing number of women turning to -- wrapping. Despite the of the abdomen in the weeks following childbirth dozens of belly -- products are now on the market. -- -- have been used for a long time they've been used for hundreds of years. Beverly Hills obstetrician doctor Jay Goldberg says the abdominal -- -- -- used in Asian and European cultures for centuries. It's something He believes has medical merit. It provides support but will decrease swelling you may heal quicker by wing of Donald binder. With the decrease swelling and additional support. -- -- -- -- -- Goldberg says dozens of celebrities swear by belly by -- brands. Among them Brooke Burke shark -- you. I have four kids sit. You probably gone through the not so fun fourth trimester where you've had the baby yet you still haven't shed pounds -- that period timing is happening in somebody asks you when your deliberate idiotic Everett 88. It's tough it's really challenging time -- monetary don't. Yeah -- used an ace bandage wrapped herself after the birth -- third child. She was so pleased with the results she decided to create a band of her own. It supports that -- baby's skin -- helps -- with water retention and it just makes you feel. Thank you how some supporter hundred because everything's changing everything stretched out. It has mass produce that first -- she created it's called the -- a corset like device available nationally. Not everyone is convinced -- the merits of belly binding. Fitness expert Cheryl Wilson a mother of two worries deli wraps may be sending new moms -- -- message. Philly fans really did give moms a false sense of security business -- that. A belly band is going to -- and the stomach to stomach gets -- and you lose weight when you eat sensibly and you exercise. But the new moms we spoke with told us finding the time to -- And exercise in the weeks after childbirth is easier said than done. You need to. -- buy diapers or you just got spit out by then you need to do laundry so -- these busy moms be willing to try it belly -- I would absolutely. Invest in some kind of a Taliban. If that where. -- Asked whether wearing a belly -- means you can do what book did just months after giving birth. Which it's competed Dancing With The Stars looking like this well new moms. Only hope. Good Morning America beyond -- -- -- -- ABC news. All right be on -- -- we thank you.

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{"id":14768781,"title":"Belly Wraps Rise in Popularity Among New Moms","duration":"3:00","description":"Women looking to regain their pre-baby figures do so without surgery, diets.","url":"/GMA/video/post-pregnancy-weight-loss-belly-wraps-rise-popularity-14768781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}