Poverty Hits 'Hidden' U.S. Indian Reservation Hard

Diane Sawyer spent a year documenting the Lakota Tribe's lives in South Dakota.
5:53 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Poverty Hits 'Hidden' U.S. Indian Reservation Hard
For more than a year Diane Sawyer and a team that ABC producers have been working on the next Jordan ever report about a place that may seem like it's somewhere. In a Third World but it's right here. In the US and Indian reservation in South Dakota the size of Connecticut. Home to build Lakota tribe. And some of the deepest poverty in the nation I said Dallas Diane for a preview -- a hidden America children of the planes airing tonight on point one. I know how you really. Enjoy this type of reporting and getting out and showing that the people that we might not even. Be aware of we call them -- forgotten America and they are and you. You go to mount Rushmore. The do you see mount Rushmore in those hills and you -- just a few miles away and the next thing you know. -- -- in the Black Hills and they took me out there we are writing up in the hills and in what is their cathedral with their church. And yet in a few generations. From. -- and -- -- poverty 18%. Of the adults are alcoholic. And that brings -- -- 80%. 80% unemployment. An epidemic of diabetes and these kids and you know. This impossible. Brady and hope you fine with these kids living in. A situation where they just see if you can be just give us a little help just a little -- we'll show you what we are what we can give back. We find a young girl who wants to -- -- for American Idol. And she is going to try out for American Idol and she thinks she can legally -- We're with them for this year because we want you to see what. We can't get out of our hands we plan to go into a report on poverty we are doing a report. And what will save all of our lives and their strength their resilience can save anyone about it has always are always lessons that all of us can learn from stories. Like this in and talking about yes it's a community what's a lot of dysfunction and what community doesn't have that. But also the CB aspirations that these young people still job for millions and -- to know. How crushing it is for the children to have that kind of alcohol. I will show you one girl. And of course at this hour wonderful things are gonna happen for her but here she is because her mother. Drinks and she is cool Russian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Correction and I promise you what you will see happen to her. And how she finds that she says I am I normal stand in the storm was so beautiful and then there -- Roberts who is an all American kid He is. He is quarterback on the football team his head of the student body heat is just a great student and he's. Going to be president the united state fish and even though He has been out. -- surrounding. He's going to put the get a place for his grandmother to build a TP. And have the food she -- which is called Freiburg. Ingram says she -- -- yourself smelling like straight. This time if she wants -- TV in the meantime. -- child the warriors fighting with what He has. Knowing other kids recover so much more. 800 no talent -- how -- to have -- -- My uncle Tony they gonna be for money you know. Easy. -- -- He takes the easy. The chlorine -- takes money. And they're building stringfellow and let -- -- -- away. This new world warrior now. This -- it has a sense He is not. Going to be shaken from -- strings and the strength of them in a place that. That as I said only needs our help. 80% unemployment nearly half the people living there. Below the poverty line and there's so many people they're gonna do -- watching tonight Diane and -- put Americans this is happening here is right and I and we know that. History of the long been troubled and agonized history that led to this and we know the dependents they talk about themselves. That they it was created a whole culture of welfare and dependence. And they want ropes to help themselves. They do not want. They do not one. Anyone to think that they're asking for more handouts they want help to get up and out themselves. And that's what's so stirring for everybody there -- These kids are read it. They just need encouragement and we're gonna show you how to do that tonight and we've seen this work. Because we think of Superman's again. Taking little -- -- from Camden that he's doing well now let's and yes it's our Odyssey of hope in a way because we we went who lives didn't. In the poorest city in America we wouldn't have been apple app jump -- -- mountain region and now we have gone to the two counties in this region to both the poorest in America right now. And as ever what we find is resilience and opportunity. Well thank you for your commitment to this this reporting thank you -- And you can see and Diane entire extraordinary report a hidden America children the plains tonight a point 28109 central right here me.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Diane Sawyer spent a year documenting the Lakota Tribe's lives in South Dakota.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14736347","title":"Poverty Hits 'Hidden' U.S. Indian Reservation Hard","url":"/GMA/video/poverty-hits-hidden-us-indian-reservation-hard-14736347"}