'Power Rangers' Star Released After Roommate Stabbing Incident

Officials point to lack of evidence in not pursuing murder charges against actor Ricardo Medina.
2:04 | 02/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Power Rangers' Star Released After Roommate Stabbing Incident
We turn to a stunning twist in the case of the "Power rangers" star who stabbed his roommate to death with a sword. Ricardo Medina is free. Prosecutors say they haven't yet developed enough evidence to charge him and ABC's kendis Gibson has the story. Reporter: This morning, actor ricardo Medina best known as a sword-wielding red power ranger is a free man. Red line. Reporter: Released after being arrested on suspicion of murder and now he's speaking out. I want to say I'm very, very, very sorry for what occurred. I'm very happy to be out of jail. Reporter: Medina spent three days in jail after police say heus ed a sword to stab his roommate, Joshua Sutter in their suburban L.A. Home. Prosecutors saying there just isn't enough evidence to bring charges at least not yet. And my heart goes out to the Sutter family. Thank you. There simply aren't facts of a crime. Reporter: The actor's attorney telling ABC news that Medina was defending himself and his girlfriend revealing new details about the moments leading up to Sutter's stabbing. You have an individual here that was the victim of a beating in the kitchen area before he went to the bedroom and closed and locked the door. Reporter: Medina claiming he only used the sword he kept next to his door after Sutter forced his way into that bedroom. Now 36-year-old Medina appeared in two "Power rangers" TV series and had a big part in "Csi: Miami" moving in with Sutter just a few months ago. Sutter's sister telling us Medina and her brother had issues but doesn't believe his self-defense theory. I don't feel he would attack someone that he knows could take him down. Reporter: She says this picture taken by a company she hired to clean up the crime scene doesn't show damage to his door suggesting she says that Sutter didn't force his way in. I think that josh probably opened the door trying to talk to him and I think he probably snapped. Reporter: This morning the case remains open. For "Good morning America," kendis Gibson, ABC news, new York. Quite a twist there. Haven't heard the last of

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Officials point to lack of evidence in not pursuing murder charges against actor Ricardo Medina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28713447","title":"'Power Rangers' Star Released After Roommate Stabbing Incident","url":"/GMA/video/power-rangers-star-released-roommate-stabbing-incident-28713447"}