Powerball Winners: Did Missouri Man Play Baseball Jersey Numbers?

Alex Perez reports on how the winner may have played Kansas City Royals Hall of Famers' numbers.
2:10 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerball Winners: Did Missouri Man Play Baseball Jersey Numbers?
Let's begin with america's latest powerball millionaires. One in arizona. One in missouri. And alex perez is in the small town of dearborn, missouri, where one lucky man is about to go public with his good fortune. Reporter: Within hours, the mystery in this teeny, tiny town could be officiver. Officials will announce who holds that ticket today. It's a factory worker named mark hill. The avalanche of speculation began when this man, mark hill, updated the status on his facebook account late thursday, writing, we are truly blessed. We are the lucky winners of the powerball. Within hours, his facebook page went dark. But his family began celebrating. Telling abc news, hill is the big winner. He worked really hard in his life. And he won't have to anymore. Just shocked. I thought we were all going to have heart attacks. Reporter: Hill's mother says he and his wife, cindy, have three grown sons and an i adopted daughter from china. She said the couple had been struggling financially. She has been without a job for a long time. Reporter: But thursday, cindy canceled a planned job interview. I keep thinking it's a dream. It's hard to even imagine. Reporter: Lottery officials won't confirm hill hit the jackpot. But in a tight-knit town of just 496, and with $500 million jackpot at stake, word travels very fast. I hope we stay grounded and stay humble and don't forget who we are. Reporter: At the hillhire factory, security was tight. Abc news learned hill works the second shift here in the hot dog and deli packing department. It's not clear if he showed up thursday night. Meantime, family members tell abc news, there's another clue. Hill is a fan of the kansas city royals. The winning lotto numbers turn out to be the same as that team's hall of fame players. George brett, willie wilson, along with former player, bo jackson. We did try to contact hill directly overnight. But our calls were not returned. But all this speculation could soon be over. Officials are expected to announce who holds that winning powerball ticket in just a few hours.

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{"id":17844691,"title":"Powerball Winners: Did Missouri Man Play Baseball Jersey Numbers?","duration":"2:10","description":"Alex Perez reports on how the winner may have played Kansas City Royals Hall of Famers' numbers.","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-winners-missouri-man-play-baseball-jersey-numbers-17844691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}