Powerball's 'Ocean's 16' Lotto Winners Bring Luck to 'GMA'

Co-workers from New Jersey's Ocean County Vehicle Services Department discuss big win.
2:32 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Powerball's 'Ocean's 16' Lotto Winners Bring Luck to 'GMA'
Oh, we are through a few, here at work. And we lost. As did all of you. These seven ladies did not. They actually got -- did you hear -- we did. Multimillionaires all. An office pool, they got their slice of that $448 million powerball jackpot last week. Thank you for coming in, ladies. Really appreciate it. The great -- the great first question, is everybody going to go back to work, was answered, when you all went back to work. You all showed up. What was it like to win? And then what was it like to punch the clock the next day? It was so surreal, you wouldn't know it. I can't explain it. It didn't register you won. Back to work. Got to get things done. Was it a phone call chain? I believe my boss -- we all came into work. I believe my boss lady. I said to her, stop screwing around with me. I have a doctor's appointment. I'm going to be late to work. Have you been drinking? I think I was screaming at yelling at my boss. The boss lady's barbara. I didn't believe her. I thought she's -- and your boss lady has an intimate connection to the lottery. Tell us about your father, who he is and what he did. My father was a state assemblyman and a state senator. When he was an assembassemblyman, he sponsored the legislation to get the lottery in new jersey. It was his bill that was passed. And this is just -- dad's looking down. Oh. Oh, not even. Of course, he is. He is. And he's smiling. That's great. You know, one of the things that we all in the media here, just jumped on to, is that this was a win in the middle of the zone walloped by superstorm sandy. And, darlene, I know you're a big winner now. But, boy, you lost so much when that storm hit. How bad was it? And what's this going to do for you? Well, we did lose our home. And now, my first thought is i can buy a new house for my daughter and i. And we can bring our dog home. And I was able to quit my second job. Serusly, that's great. Boy. It is -- I'm look at wealth in all the best ways. Honestly, if we had to lose, I'm so happy the seven of you won. Seriously. Thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. I'm just, for one second, going to go what it's like to

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Co-workers from New Jersey's Ocean County Vehicle Services Department discuss big win.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19956916","title":"Powerball's 'Ocean's 16' Lotto Winners Bring Luck to 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/powerballs-oceans-16-lotto-winners-bring-luck-gma-19956916"}