Pre-Made Food vs. Making Food: Which Saves More Money?

Find out when it is better to buy pre-made foods rather than making them.
3:32 | 11/04/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pre-Made Food vs. Making Food: Which Saves More Money?
Show me the money time. Today's question what does it make sense to -- prepared foods -- -- making yourself at home. Definitely spend a year finding answers that question for her book make the -- by the butter. -- our -- banking willing medical -- to find out what she looked. -- -- Pre cooked chicken -- pie crusts cookie. Ready to make and -- -- -- get desperate -- packing its punches him but froze and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Really. This California woman laid off from her job wondering how. Gonna save money on groceries. -- -- festivals sparked an idea I was trying to figure out what actually costs more to -- chorus to buy. So began a year -- experiment that Jennifer -- turned into a book. Make the spread by the butter. I'd rather make bread than -- the supermarket. And it turns out to be a couple of dollars per look cheaper to make it then diet. According to Jennifer's three sections below historic cost four dollars and 39 cents. -- and hands on time -- -- the next five minutes. Couple of hours later he's putting in Japan and you are I can't believe that it didn't make the hot dog months. I realized when I first thinks about how made cutback plan. Just tell cotton -- phoned me and mediocre all the hot dog buns -- ever eaten before actually where there was a revelation. And they were incredibly to make. Put that back. Easy -- nine ingredients let it rise big hands on time ten minutes and savings. Plus plus 37 cents a bond. Seventeen cents store bought for the big barbecue. Homemade the friends and family. I have been put them. I'm really good next to help these bread that really popular and pretty expensive. -- on -- -- costs over three dollars a cup. Only 885. Cents a cup now I would make that wouldn't and the savings are so -- it's worth it yes. And you saw how you -- Scenes trying to -- -- molding. Look at few other big money statements he's just so easy to apply the frosting. But it's twice as expensive in the store and the taste comparison. -- It's just toys store -- process. Another huge -- -- in this Manila extract this morning. And fifty cents announced at home all we need is Vanilla beans and lumber. In the savings over four dollars an ounce. -- -- about one thing Jennifer says he never mind. Good times and there are ridiculously expensive and you can make -- tons wind the end of a loaf of stale bread and have been in your face act for free. Now what items in the store should you -- -- Jennifer says potato chips who wants to -- anything in the oil. Also -- just buy the rotisserie chicken a relaxed mom makes for a better -- -- -- Finally -- around Thanksgiving -- to thinking. Should -- -- -- these big pumpkins and make the -- from scratch on only fifty cents more -- by the king in a period pumpkin and Jennifer says. It -- the -- This certainly has thank you demonstrates that I have to confess I never thought about making potato chips yeah. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Find out when it is better to buy pre-made foods rather than making them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14880416","title":"Pre-Made Food vs. Making Food: Which Saves More Money?","url":"/GMA/video/pre-made-food-making-food-save-money-14880416"}