Precision Medicine Brings Medical Breakthrough for Girl

Kristen and Clayton Greene turned to a new cutting edge medical approach when their daughter Cara became inexplicably weak.
4:19 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for Precision Medicine Brings Medical Breakthrough for Girl
Groundbreaking medical innovations. Some doctors are using precision medicine focusing on the individual, not the illness to diagnose and treat diseases looking for answers in your own genetic makeup. Something my company rocking robin productions is exploring in a new series launching today called "Path to a breakthrough." Find it on webmd. I can't not wait for you to meet this little girl. Her name is CARA ch. I did it. Good job. Did it. You did it. Can I have something? Physical abilities. Yay! Reporter: But shortly after CARA green turned 15 months ole her parents Kristen and Clayton started to notice some alarming changes. Cara started having trouble just physically. She first started being unsteady with walking. Slowly over time we noticed her arms became weak. Broken. Did you drop it? She got to the point where she was so unsteady walking and fell so often that she actually stopped walking. Reporter: Frightened and helpless. The greens sought out the advice of many doctors, but nobody had an answer. No matter how much we did, no matter how hard we tried to help her there wasn't anything we could do to stop her from getting worse. Reporter: The greens turned to a new cutting edge medical approach called precision medicine which focuses on an individual patient's DNA to map a diagnosis and a potential cure. We're looking at a person. Their genetic makeup, the environmental triggers in their life and their lifestyle and looking to that to focus therapy. Reporter: Dr. David Goldstein was doing groundbreaking work with gene sequencing when he heard about CARA's case. Dr. Goldteen pretty much said we're not leaving until we figure out what's going on with this child. When a child comes into the clinic and have something seriously wrong we can take a blood sample and we can almost immediately generate that individual's complete genome and can look through it to try to find the cause of disease. Reporter: Genetic sequencing which is the corner of stone of precision medicine has just recently become promising for patients like CARA. They collected blood from me and my husband and from CARA and sent it off to their lab. Reporter: The sequencing showed both of CARA's parents carried a gene mutation that affected CARA's ability to produce a protein which resulted in her having a severe vitamin b2 fee dish si. Having we received CARA's diagnosis they did give us a treatment plan and it was high dose vitamin b2 which is a benign treatment. Reporter: An oral supplement that would help cure CARA of her Sims. She's doing phenomenal today. She is now able to play with her toys. She can feed herself. She's actually learning letters. What does that say? I did it. Good job. Dr. Goldsteen and his team, we credit him for saving CARA's life. She's getting to be a kid and make up for lost time. Bye. Oh. Whoo! Slam dunk and we're happy for CARA and her family. A sneak peek of one of five episodes premiering today each one highlighting an incredible medical breakthrough of the a man diagnosed with stage four lymphoma, the doctor who helped him harness his own immune system for treatment and talked about that. Immu immunotherapy and the people coming up with ts technology and the wonderful people who are fortunate to be benefitting from this and we are happy to be partnering again with webmd with this to share some amazing stories so it'll be on webmd but I got to tell you guys to look at the individual and to treat the individual and not the illness is incredible. Discovered something so simple to fix. Because my secondary condition was because of the treatment I received for breast cancer. Right and what happened to you may not happen to me or anybody else. It's treating me, the individual. Amazing and so critical for us to all understand that. It's not a broad picture. And there's hope out there. I mean that's what we all need. They need to be showcased. Very happy about that.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Kristen and Clayton Greene turned to a new cutting edge medical approach when their daughter Cara became inexplicably weak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41057433","title":"Precision Medicine Brings Medical Breakthrough for Girl","url":"/GMA/video/precision-medicine-brings-medical-breakthrough-girl-41057433"}