Pregnant Woman Rushed to Hospital By Sled

Recent Northeast blizzard prompted Lauri Wood's husband to arrange alternate transportation.
1:54 | 02/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pregnant Woman Rushed to Hospital By Sled
Lesley jane seymour, thanks for cing on. We're going to the special delivery. The story behind the video we've been showing you, about the baby born in the blizzard. There was a monster blizzard in the northeast not too long ago. Inconvenienced a lot of folks. A lot of folks had to wait. Some things -- can't. Just don't wait. Take a look. You might call it delivering a baby. Only this baby. Reporter: But the way little james wood jr. Came into the world gives delivery a whole, new meaning. I was starting to worry about the baby because he wasn't moving that much. Reporter: It started on sunday, right after that massive blizzard blanketed the northeast with record snowfalls. That's when 42-year-old lauri wood and her husband found themselves buried in three feet of snow at exactly the wrong time. One, two -- I started getting really nervous. You're starting to contract at 39 weeks and you can't go anywhere. You know, we were trying to think what were we going to do? Reporter: Without a way to get to the hospital and with little james already on the way, james sr. Came up with a unique idea. I said, I need a sled. Reporter: That's right, a sled. With the help of friends and neighbors, james put lauri on to a homemade sled and started the long trip down a steep hill. I was completely out of breath when I was pulling her. And I was just hoping I didn't pass out on the journey because it was not easy. Reporter: While it took the group nearly 40 minutes, they finally made it to a waiting car. We're going to have a baby. The snow, it was a crazy idea to begin with. But obviously, it worked. Reporter: Shortly after arriving at the hospital, lauri gave birth to her little james, a seven pound, ten ounce little snowman. Thanks to the sled and her friends.

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{"id":18512624,"title":"Pregnant Woman Rushed to Hospital By Sled","duration":"1:54","description":"Recent Northeast blizzard prompted Lauri Wood's husband to arrange alternate transportation.","url":"/GMA/video/pregnant-woman-rushed-hospital-sled-18512624","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}