Preparing Yourself for Cyber Monday Mayhem

Find out what online shoppers need to know to find the best holiday deals on the internet.
2:48 | 11/30/14

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Transcript for Preparing Yourself for Cyber Monday Mayhem
And now the cyber Monday strategy. Tomorrow is the biggest online shopping day of the year and shoppers are planning, they're plotting. Yes, I'm planning to get in my pjs and spend the entire day if front of the computer. You can skip the long lines and get deep discounts from the comfort of your home or office if your boss will allow it. Becky Worley has been scoping out some of the best deals. Hey, Becky. Good morning, Dan. Yeah, paypal looked at its data and they say that the black Friday shopping sales season started eight days ago so are all the sales sold out, the Dees dealed out? Are beloved shop in your economies fake retail holiday on Monday dead? Cyber Monday, is it even a thing anymore? Or is it game over? But hold on cyber Monday has extra lives. Congratulationses. Reporter: But it's definitely changed. For one thing it could be called cyber shoe day. Toms has 25% off, the discount 6 P.M. Adds another blanket discount. Joe's new balance has 20% off all running shoes. Dope forget about Amazon. They have loads of Boothe boots at 50% off. Toy, wait until right before Christmas when toy prices get slashed but this year a change. We expect some of the very best prices of the season on cyber Monday. One of the hottest toys is anything "Frozen." This Elsa snow glow doll for $28.88. This is the hottest toy of the year. Toys "R" us has princess and me dolls $15 off, Walmart, this 12-foot trampoline for 199. That's 100 bucks off. Even big kids toys like the xbox one will be marked down to $329 at various sites online. Next hotel rooms. Sign Monday is loaded with deal. Orbitz. 20% off rooms. Red roof inn, 30% off and deity nation hotels & resorts, 30 to 40% off rooms. Appliances, we expect sears to discount heavily. Tools, Home Depot has historically had big cyber Monday sales. Cyber Monday is far from dead. It's now the action-packed catch all final sale of the black Friday season. We have links to all of the dedeals that I mentioned and more on our website, "Gma" on yahoo!.com. All your holiday shopping done. I have an audience of one. Her name is Bianca Harris and it's already done. Wow. Yeah, of course. Pretty much one. You have two -- Yes, two, Paula, as well, my work wife. Giving her a baby doesn't

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Find out what online shoppers need to know to find the best holiday deals on the internet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27259738","title":"Preparing Yourself for Cyber Monday Mayhem","url":"/GMA/video/preparing-cyber-monday-mayhem-27259738"}