From Preschool Playmates to Future Partners

The love of your life might be just around the corner.
2:22 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for From Preschool Playmates to Future Partners
? . ? Story of my life ? Talking about this all morning long, an astonishing discovery made by a Florida couple that proves a couple of things. The love of your life might be around the corner and greater lesson, love will find a way eventually. ABC's gio Benitez is in social square with the story. Gio. Good morning again, Lara. This might be turning up in your Facebook feed this morning. Not only because it's so incredibly sweet, but it's also just a wild coincidence and all started with a throwback Thursday photo and it just went viral. Take a look. Call it a cute coincidence or simply meant to be. We do have a story and it's a little bit unique and it's got a little magic to. Reporter: 35-year-old Jason Roth and his wife Jessica have been married for nearly ten years after meeting at a local nightclub in college. I thought maybe she was out of my league. I don't know who any -- Turns out this couple's love story began long before college. Here they are in preschool where they unknowingly attended the same Halloween costume party. That's Jason as Superman and over there as Jeannie, his future bride. I called her up, did you ever have a Jeannie costume? For Halloween and I said, I did. Reporter: About a year after discovering the picture, the couple got engaged using that fortuitous photo as their save the date which read -- in about 20 years he'll turn around and catch his first glimpse of her. On April 9th. She'll say I do. Everybody when they received them they were like, is this a real picture? Reporter: Today, that couple of kids is now a couple with three kids of their own with a picture-perfect start to their happily ever after. Everybody has their own love story. This is ours. Oh, we "I luh Ya Papi" here at ABC. So many of you sending your love stories. Take a look at that. These people getting married after they were there kissing as kids really. Here's another couple. Awesome, awesome pictures and we want to know if you married your childhood sweetheart. So go ahead and tweet us your pictures right now and your steers. #Socialsquare. My mom and dad met when they were 14. My brother and his wife met when they were like 12 and all still married and happy. Send us your story.

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{"id":25033496,"title":"From Preschool Playmates to Future Partners","duration":"2:22","description":"The love of your life might be just around the corner. ","url":"/GMA/video/preschool-playmates-future-partners-25033496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}