Obama Chooses Top Bush Official for FBI Director

The president has chosen longtime prosecutor and corporate executive James Comey to head the FBI.
1:46 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Chooses Top Bush Official for FBI Director
Now to the breaking news on the new director for the fbi. The president got a long time prosecutor and was in the george w. Bush department and pierre thomas joins us with more. What more can you tell us about james comey? Reporter: Good morning, george. If comey does become the official nom in I for fbi director the president will have picked a veteran former federal prosecutor who is seen as fiercely independent appointed by president george w. Bush as a top justice department official, but at a critical moment comey defied the bush white house rejecting a request to renew a controversial terrorism surveillance program. He's seen by many as in the same mold as the current fbi director robert mueller, tough and a straight shooter. Unclear whether his time as a wall street hedge fund executive would hurt his confirmation, george. That moment, that defining moment you talked about happened in the hospital room of his boss john ashcroft. Eric holder, president obama's attorney general is under fire now on capitol hill, republicans say he has not been straight with them on his participation in these leak investigations and the targeting o reporters. Reporter: Absolutely not. Republicans are saying they feel misled by holder. When he was on the hill a few weeks ago that basically he said he would never condone reporters being prosecuted, but they're now saying they've revealed information that he signed off on a search warrant targeting a reporter who was suspected of receiving classified information. Justice officials say there was never any attempt to prosecute that reporter and that holder would never do so. They say they were targeting the government leak, george. Any sense his job is in jeopardy? Reporter: None whatsoever. Just yesterday white house press secretary jay carney says the attorney general has the president's full support.

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{"id":19285975,"title":"Obama Chooses Top Bush Official for FBI Director","duration":"1:46","description":"The president has chosen longtime prosecutor and corporate executive James Comey to head the FBI.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-nominates-james-comey-bush-official-head-19285975","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}