President Obama to Unveil New Tourism Strategy

The president will visit Disney World to make the announcement.
4:31 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama to Unveil New Tourism Strategy
A big announcement about jobs from President Obama today he's on his way to Florida where he will reveal his plan for boosting tourism right here in the US. The number of jobs at stake is high and ABC's Jack Jake Tapper it isn't always yeah. -- -- okay fine and they had to say this on the road with the president right now good morning Jake. Good morning. Robin -- of course disclose that Disney is the parent company of ABC news but what President Obama intends to do here this morning is not. -- -- shall we say he's talking about hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and potentially more than one million new American jobs the president will announce this afternoon that he wants to make the United States the number one for its destination in the world. Be our guest read our -- our was -- our guests. International tourism brings in big bucks. They come here to Disney World to meet Mickey and Minnie or they go elsewhere tourists from emerging economies such as China India and Brazil. Are their own mini stimulus packages dropping up to 6000. Dollars -- tourist. But for the last decade they've been increasingly spending that money elsewhere. Largely because of post 9/11 security procedures that have made getting a tourist visa and arduous process. It's cost the US 606 billion dollars and 467000. Jobs over the last decade. Every 35 visitors the United States creates one job we were losing -- for 500000 jobs a year. Because of our inability to keep pace with global travel trends. -- today here at the magic kingdom President Obama will announced plans to turn that around. But the steps such as simplifying the tourist visa process in countries like Brazil when girls turned fifteen they get to have a big party or they go on a big trip so proud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And her south and the -- says. The US has been missing out on thousands of these would be -- so now the president wants the wait time for US visas to be significantly reduced. And many of these girls will no longer have to give interviews to apply. As they say. A small world full of tourists who want to spend their money here. After all. Of course without some bad news is that Malia and Sasha will not be here today they will not get to a company. Their father the president when he comes here to Cinderella castle Robyn FK Jake thanks so much and have a magical day.

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{"id":15392361,"title":"President Obama to Unveil New Tourism Strategy","duration":"4:31","description":"The president will visit Disney World to make the announcement.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-unveil-tourism-strategy-15392361","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}