Obama Warns Russia of 'Additional Consequences'

The president had tough words for Russia while speaking on a trip to Japan.
2:07 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Warns Russia of 'Additional Consequences'
Obama's tough talk on Russia. And raising the stakes in the war of words with president Putin. Threatening consequences, if they don't back down in Ukraine. ABC's Jon Karl is traveling with the president in Tokyo. Good morning, Jon. Reporter: Good morning, robin and George. As president Obama begins his week-long Asia trip here in Japan, he's talking tough on Russia. Warning Vladimir Putin that new sanctions are Teed up and ready to go, if he doesn't reverse course on Ukraine. At a joint press conference with Japan's prime minister, president Obama warned he will soon slap more sanctions on Russia, if they don't start supporting Russian separatists in Ukraine. We will follow through on what we said, which is there will be additional consequences on the Russians. Reporter: President Obama has had his most famous ambassador at his side, Caroline Kennedy. She's now the most high-profile American in Japan. It's not about me. It's about the United States. That's wonderful to be able to represent my country in a country that shares our most fundamental values. Reporter: In her first TV interview since becoming ambassador, Kennedy talked about her life in Tokyo, on and off the job. I love to run around the imperial palace. It's just such an incredible thing to look at that. Reporter: Do people notice you when you're out in your running clothes, jogging around at the palace? It depends on how fast or slow I'm moving. Reporter: Ambassador Kennedy also talked a little politics with us. She endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008. But told us, she's ready to support Hillary this time, if she runs. Sure, she's looking forward to being a grandmother. I know she has to decide soon. So, you know, I hope so. Reporter: You can see yourself supporting her this time around? Absolutely. Reporter: This is the very first time Caroline Kennedy has held public office. And will likely be the last time, as well. She once considered running for senate. But she says she is done with politics.

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{"id":23450918,"title":"Obama Warns Russia of 'Additional Consequences'","duration":"2:07","description":"The president had tough words for Russia while speaking on a trip to Japan.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-warnings-russia-sanctions-23450918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}