President Obama's State of Oscar

State of the Union address turns into a mash-up of Oscar nominees.
2:31 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for President Obama's State of Oscar
Members of congress. I have the high privilege and the distinct honor presented to you the president of the United States. -- -- And by the way. There's no business like show business like -- no business I know and tonight. I'm a Democrat. But I believe the best movie nominations are. War horse Stevens bill -- and Kathleen Kennedy producers. We're mission fails. Were injured in the thick of the fight. You rise or fall as one unit and the artist Thomas -- man producer. Money -- Michael Deluca Rachel -- vets and Brad Pitt producers -- way to save money. Is to waste -- senator the descendants Jim Burke Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor producers. -- family try to make ends meet. The tree of life nominees to be determined it makes no sense. And everyone knows. Midnight in Paris -- Aronson and Stephen -- and -- producers. A man who profits overseas. The help Brunson Green and Chris Columbus. And Michael Barney and producers. Means women should -- equal pay for equal work that doesn't matter here. Black -- white. -- Graham king and Martin Scorsese producers in great project the creativity and passion. And extremely loud an incredible. Scott -- and producer. Finally my message is simple. I believe as strongly as ever everyone gets a fair shot thank you god bless you and god --

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{"id":15436826,"title":"President Obama's State of Oscar","duration":"2:31","description":"State of the Union address turns into a mash-up of Oscar nominees.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obamas-state-of-the-oscar-nominees-15436826","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}