'Preventive Aging': Botox In Your 20s?

Young adults aiming to avoid wrinkles later in life take part in new trend.
2:45 | 03/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Preventive Aging': Botox In Your 20s?
Controversial new trend people in their twenties getting injections of Botox and other treatments. To help them avoid wrinkles later in life by some estimates 30% of Botox users are under the age of thirty. It is called -- -- aging. BBC's Claire Shipman has the story. -- Hollywood where young celebrity -- are always in a battle against time. But -- they aren't the only ones to start nipping and tucking and filling things that aren't even problems yet at a surprisingly young age. Take Katie so what did you see in your face that you didn't want to see an -- The critical in my eyes and I wanted to be more -- her. My eyebrow. -- still want her twenties she found herself here. In the Tony office of New York dermatologist -- G -- getting Botox. So you've looked at Katie and you saw what so she was starting to get for headlines and you know she was getting -- you've made -- about Katie but as doctor gentlemen explains in her new -- -- rules this -- some preventative aging is there. Every time you for a town. You are crunching on your college and then you're breaking down those collagen fibers but imagine if we can stop them muscle contraction that we can stop -- -- Down -- yesterday analyzed some young celebrities could be even they use anti aging enhancements. Blake lively. When you look at her and she is so beautiful but you look she's somebody -- very early on will have heavy -- So you could do with their -- CPT around her eyes tighten up her legs and -- -- a lot younger. They're not as the hot and pricey new anti aging treatment is what 32 year old -- Carrasco is investing in. -- -- It tightens and lifts -- and everywhere jolting collagen in -- Over drop if we take somebody who's young -- to my CPT and a young face that can get a great result. And it lasts for such a long time. But even doctor G Alleman and other experts say there are downsides to too much too soon. Simple injection could lead to maybe somebody overly augmenting their breasts -- thinking -- -- liposuction instead of going through diet and exercise. In other words it's too many worry lines about potential worry lines not a good thing. For Good Morning America Claire Shipman ABC news New York. We want to hear from you would you consider getting anti aging treatments in your twenties yes or no Sam big thumbs down here you know I mean if you got wrinkles and you wanna get rid of home to it but when -- unknown when he does get this thing. Preventative that this is not smooth but you let us know yes or no vote values and Jim and -- Smartphones.

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{"id":15918008,"title":"'Preventive Aging': Botox In Your 20s?","duration":"2:45","description":"Young adults aiming to avoid wrinkles later in life take part in new trend.","url":"/GMA/video/preventive-aging-botox-20s-15918008","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}