'Price Is Right' Revealing First Male Showcase Model

One man is making history on one of America's favorite game shows.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Price Is Right' Revealing First Male Showcase Model
Move over, ladies and sam. Abc's nick watt is taking us inside the male model auditions on "the price is right." Introducing us to rob, the show's first-ever male model. Welcome to "the price is right." Our first male model winner, rob wilson, everybody. Reporter: Holy moly. Rob's a dude. The first male model ever on "the price is right." Come on down. Reporter: The 24-year-old is shattering 40 years of tradition, which began with bob barker and strictly female eye candy. That goes with this. It's time for a change. Reporter: A change that includes, stripping to the waist for an interview on "access hollywood." We know why you got this job. Do you feel like just a piece of meat? Are you being exploited as a piece of meat? You know what? No. I hope it's more than just being shirtless. This is personality through the roof. Reporter: The show, rippling rob models sunglasses and cutl cutlery and bounces on a trampoline. And he had lines during the "showcase showdown." You're heading to my hometown of boston. Reporter: Thitor/model won in an online reality competition. "The price is right." ♪ hi. Reporter: Rob demonstrated that he looks hot in a hot tub. He knows how to undress and dress himself lickety-split. And even raps. So, how did the lady models reacted? We share a bathroom. I have to remember, put the seat down. M the only one here. That's probably the hardest challenge is to remember to put the seat down. Reporter: Do you feel pressure on your shoulders, being a pioneer in this move towards gender equality? Well, the pressure was getting here. There were a lot of great guys and great personalities. Great bodies or faces or whatever. Reporter: He's made it to the majors. Broken that glass ceiling, glass floor, whatever it is. What's next? For "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. The sky is the limit for rob. Indeed. He does seem like a nice guy. And from boston, too.

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{"id":17488358,"title":"'Price Is Right' Revealing First Male Showcase Model","duration":"3:00","description":"One man is making history on one of America's favorite game shows.","url":"/GMA/video/price-revealing-male-showcase-model-17488358","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}