Pricey Primping: Gold Nail Polish, Jewel Facials

Celebrities pay thousands of dollars for facial creams made of ground-up jewels.
8:48 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pricey Primping: Gold Nail Polish, Jewel Facials
Now we turn to celebrity beauty secrets for some it costs a pretty penny to look pretty. From facials made of ground up diamonds to 24 carried gold nail polish. ABC Cecilia Vega looked into why people would spend so much. On what we're calling extreme beauty treatments -- -- you do explain. Yeah I know Lara tough assignment out here I took one for the team you guys and I'll be feeling really bad for me these days 101000. Dollar facial pretty fancy -- here. We got a chance to try some of these extreme -- treatment of the stars whose prices are sky high. Red carpet -- these days it's practically celebrity requirements. For the latest trend to hit tinsel yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- woven into hair. Now free red carpet rituals like -- years worth hundreds of dollars facials worth thousands. Take Mila Kunis is golden -- at the Golden Globes for walking down the red carpet the Black Swan star got an extra special regional meeting on nine minute news. The price tag to have those precious -- rubbed all over her face and neck. 7000. Dollars. At -- and the price jumps to 101000. We had to try it to believe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Those skin blue route to the stars Scott Vincent -- -- a special visit to my -- like he usually would do for a celebrity clients to demonstrate what this mega bullying is all -- out. It's almost like this read radiating glow. But it's topical so you're not -- to -- ten liters of water and eat -- salts and might be cheaper and Chad tells Reuters. -- -- yeah it's a two hour process starting with black diamonds that exfoliate crushed white diamonds to even out the skin tone. So wouldn't it. Pay your skin with the actual diamonds have diamonds Oliver my face and now is that how many -- -- wearing moment I get asked all the time I don't know. Ruby's invigorate -- skin and the final step silk fibers give the face a translucent glow. The results this is me before and ten. Thousand dollars later moon. -- -- -- -- -- -- One half hour you're kidding. It's it's and glowing and really does glow wow. The team -- for every S petitions at the Beverly Hills Hotel spot -- by another expensive ingredient for facials. Like caviar and celebs like Victoria Beckham's whereby it to -- It caught 1000 dollars and is nineteen minutes here heaven but -- these high -- treatments really work. It might sound like it's just a hoax but -- -- -- ingredients that actually have beneficial. Properties to skin care. Her Armani gown and Neil Lane -- most Rihanna looks like a million bucks at the Grammy. But did you catch the fingernails. She had what's called the 24 -- manager made you guessed it. 44 karat gold nail polish worth. Behind thousand dollars a model. Manicurist to the stars -- he's gave me the golden treatment. How many the bottles the gold polished do you have adjustment in its -- -- So my using real and as -- yeah not found not. -- ever done other than -- a full -- has not how Good Morning America and Rihanna. -- -- -- And while live -- is that 24 karat gold -- so I got three coats of gold polished. At sixty dollars and -- six dollars and -- that's a 600 dollar Medicare they tried a little extra -- -- that's -- Katy Perry also lakes and about you but I think. It's a leaks at least gives me good it's excuse to get -- -- doing dishes in my own house for a TV Israeli air yeah and take. If you wanted to -- Right if you wanted to rush out and buy it sorry can't turn on your hard earned cash on this 5000 dollar bottle it's not on shelves in the stars it's just up for charity -- And -- you know what Sally Hansen is looking pretty good to me right now and drinking that water how to you Robin Wright accurately to seize the city -- expense report. After doing that story.

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{"duration":"8:48","description":"Celebrities pay thousands of dollars for facial creams made of ground-up jewels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15815841","title":"Pricey Primping: Gold Nail Polish, Jewel Facials","url":"/GMA/video/pricy-primping-gold-nail-polish-jewel-facials-15815841"}