Priest Scolds Wedding Photographer Mid-Ceremony

Couple shocked when officiate interrupts wedding to yell at the photographer.
2:35 | 09/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Priest Scolds Wedding Photographer Mid-Ceremony
this half-hour with the story of a wedding meltdown. This wasn't involved a bridezilla or vera wang. It was the priest going at it with the photographer. The bride and groom mortified on what was a playing out on the most important part of their lives. Abc's reena ninan took a look. You have heard the groom who couldn't find the ring or the bride missing the wedding dress. How do you respond when your priest has a wedding meltdown? It's the moment this couple dreamed about for months. In accordance with god's will you now confess it. Reporter: Then it goes all wrong. This time, it's the priest. Please leave. Reporter: He stopped the ceremony to scold photographers. This is a solemn ceremony, not a photography session. I was shocked. I was mortified. I just knew we needed to get married. I will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way. Reporter: Watch as hi crew makes a hasty retreat. At the same time, I don't want to interrupt the ceremony. But he just snapped out of nowhere. Reporter: He said in all of the planning the priest never gave the commandment now shall not click. Don't be in the aisle and beside that, he didn't have any regulations. Reporter: But this kind of thing is not uncommon. You're definitely going to come across priest that really take a hard stance on the importance of the ceremony. Reporter: They posted it on youtube so we could all share in the wedding. Please move. Reporter: That's the right attitude. We reached out to the minister who told our producers I thought this matter was settled an then hung up. You got the same exact treatment. I love the groom's face. He was like, whoa. Great story. Memorable wedding for them. Definitely. Now, let's get an update of the morning's top stories with

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{"id":20333281,"title":"Priest Scolds Wedding Photographer Mid-Ceremony","duration":"2:35","description":"Couple shocked when officiate interrupts wedding to yell at the photographer.","url":"/GMA/video/priest-scolds-wedding-photographer-mid-ceremony-20333281","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}