Prince Harry Off Facebook and Newly Single?

Katrina Szish and Carlos Greer discuss his royal highness and other celebrity news.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry Off Facebook and Newly Single?
Boy. What are we going to do. Rihanna, does she have a new man. Let's go, shall we? Here, from "people" magazine, and entertainment editor, we welcome carlos greer and katrina zsich here's the latest. Harry has taken down his facebook page. Was he dating somebody when he was taking naked pool? Katrina, what happened? We hear his facebook page under the alias spike wells has been taken down. Officially the bottom line, harry is laying low. He's officially unplugging and realized social media thing can be very dangerous. In terms of him being single. Don't get too excited. He's been linked to model cressida. But they were never an exclusive item to begin with. No, they weren't. This were out and about. Friends with benefit, we like to say, but they actually -- she's still literally upset he was spotted bare hawging, get it, bare hugging another woman. She is upset but there's no official breakup. Do you have something? Everybody is expecting him to show up at paraolympics, because he's trying to keep a low profile. People are coming to his defense saying this is blown out of proportion. He's young. He let loose. He's a hard worker and likes to party hard. Quickly, pictures rihanna with rob kardashian. Do we need to come up with another celebrity nickname? I'll leave that to lara, she's good at it. Rob and rihanna were spotted go-carting together and reportedly clubbing saturday night. Everyone is buzzing, are they a couple? No, they are not a couple. See, somebody in the audience knew that. They were also with a group of people. Rob is dating singer rita aura. They tweeted via twitter, tattoos, apparented to be tatt tattoos of them getting their names -- who could possibly go wrong here. Yeah. Please rest assured. It's not as bad as it looks. Because it was fake ink. Rita looks strikingly like rihanna. Interestingly enough, chris brown is at the club they were at. We talked to sources there. Rihanna was so into his table. Rob was trying to flirt with her. She wasn't paying any attention. She was trying to get chris' attention, he was ignoring her the entire night. She's apparently still into chris brown. Oh, boy. All right. You guys. We thank you for the update. Katrina and carlos,

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{"id":17088721,"title":"Prince Harry Off Facebook and Newly Single?","duration":"3:00","description":"Katrina Szish and Carlos Greer discuss his royal highness and other celebrity news. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-off-facebook-newly-single-17088721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}