Prince Harry Goes Skiing with Model

Many are wondering if his royal highness has found love.
2:55 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Goes Skiing with Model
Let's begin this morning with some Oscars talk anxious to hear your guys thoughts on that's it is illegal in biggest -- can I -- that -- corn hybrid I have. And I invited him. With garlic popcorn to. -- -- -- I last. Let's talk Oscars is illegal for Vegas casinos to take money -- -- that's because -- possible insider information but handicap for Danny Sheridan believes he knows five of the six major winners at the Oscars. Here they are he says Daniel Day-Lewis and Hathaway. And Argyle are all shoo ins for their categories and even though these next categories are much closer he says back best director we'll go to -- Spielberg for Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones we'll get best supporting actor and Jennifer Lawrence still predicted to win best actress but very very close. Leaving now which she was it's it's exciting it isn't this a wide open this year in that you really don't have not yet. Let's get the best picture I think that's still up for grabs you get really really -- -- I am glad that -- hides and meat are also doesn't outline was coming on. Here we go -- to get ready all over the weekend going to be great we've got popcorn to spare and hey we've been talking about this morning -- closet finally -- For the party friends I know we've asked this before police -- ones -- like we've gotten an answer this just another -- get -- well. Once again. I now a Prince Harry taking a page out of his big Brothers -- with this -- Maier member prince William and Kate were snapped together at. Clusters Switzerland back in 2004 now here's Harry sitting there seems hitting the same slopes with his rumored royal flame. She is a 24 year old model name -- -- -- -- us the pictures of the -- burning -- the Internet this morning Harry is on military leave right now what better way. To get a little R&R then snuggling in the snow likes the blondes -- consistent -- oh yeah. It's that -- -- -- just. I would say that your that you aren't -- -- actors and they were enjoying his life and the landlord so you are seventeen times that we see. Look this next very well. Listen lots of -- by dresses for the Oscars from designers it's win win for everybody but if you're planning on taking a loner may we suggest. You don't return -- -- best. We'll let -- of that okay that's how it came back from Lindy -- and here's the before. She or an address to -- -- -- earlier this month and then I guess decided somewhere in the evening that it should be a mini dress. The dress designed by BI believes the name the -- it's -- 17150. Dollars maybe now -- -- be half price. -- I'm kidding me. Because she only returned have to address the designer not very pleased so just -- know if you're going to buy just fraternal -- address and that's populous. -- maybe we don't -- dresses -- says it all it's just such a whole.

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{"id":18557765,"title":"Prince Harry Goes Skiing with Model","duration":"2:55","description":"Many are wondering if his royal highness has found love.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-skiing-model-18557765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}