Prince Harry Starts Making Public Appearances With Girlfriend

Until recently, this royal couple maintained a very low profile.
3:00 | 03/08/14

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Transcript for Prince Harry Starts Making Public Appearances With Girlfriend
Britain's royal's baby brother taking the spotlight. All eyes on prince harry and his lady of the moment appearing at one of his official events for the very first time. Two years and has royal watchers wondering could thicking be getting serious? ABC's lama Hasan has more on the couple who until now have retained a very low profile. Please tell me there's another wedding. Reporter: Wait. Not so fast. This is a first. Prince harry and cressida canoodling openly in public and photographic evidence of it all and just to give you an idea of what a big deal this is, I'd like to draw your attention to the front page of the british tabloid newspaper "The sun." It sums it all up and says harry and kissie. Reporter: Harry the heartthrob and cressida Bonas show us some pda action. Snuggling up close to one another at a public function. He knew he was going to be photographed that day and he quite openly gave cressida a big hug and a big kiss in front of absolutely everyone, in front of enormous amounts of photographers. And he was really happy it seems for people to see that they are together and that they are an item. Reporter: So what does this mean? Are things really heating up for the love birds? Can there going to be an engagement announcement? Of course I think this is definitely a kind of new phase, a new level, if you like, of the relationship and the relationship as the public would see it now. However, I think we still need to be a little bit cautious. Royal highness prince harry. Reporter: The smooch happened when they were at a global youth empower. Day where harry managed to showcase his humorous side after receiving a rock star welcome by a crowd ki crowd of school kids. If you're expecting harry styles, I apologize and, no, I'm not going to sing. Reporter: The prince has been stepping up charity work recently just a few days ago he announced the warrior games would be coming to London but that was without girlfriend cressida. So maybe this will be the new norm for this royal couple. Ooh-la-la. So the fact that they have now sealed their relationship with a kiss for the whole world to see does have royal watchers believing that cressida could be the one so, guy, yes, I think it is safe to say that the royal engagement watch is on. Dan and bianna, back to you. I'm going to book my tickets right now. Lama, thank you. No one for excited than bianna golodryga. All right, coming up on "Good morning America," the

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{"id":22831893,"title":"Prince Harry Starts Making Public Appearances With Girlfriend","duration":"3:00","description":"Until recently, this royal couple maintained a very low profile.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-starts-making-public-appearances-girlfriend-22831893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}