Prince Harry Targeted by the Taliban

Organization vows to capture or kill the prince when he returns to Afghanistan.
2:23 | 02/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry Targeted by the Taliban
Another high profile name under threat. Prince Harry is being targeted by the Taliban who are now vowing to capture or kill the royal fighter pilot when he returned to the front lines in Afghanistan. ABC's llama Hasan has the latest from London in -- London and online other taking -- major threat there. Rhapsody good morning TV on and listen to this Prince Harry has now become the Taliban's number one price target if he heads back to serve. On the front lines in Afghanistan Taliban -- and issued a real and direct threat to the prince saying they want him dead or alive but that. Has made no difference to Harry you still wants to go. The chilling threat came from a top Taliban spokesperson. He told a British newspaper they would do everything in their power to kill or capture for. It's Harry the big fanfare of course if its -- to malfunction dole got shot down. Meant he was behind enemy lines. He will be a very large target. This latest threat is so real captain Harry Wales as he is known to his buddies in the army have to go -- horrifying hostage training they've put him under interrogation excluded him they've. Not tortured him but they -- prepare him for those sorts of scenarios that he would face heaven forbid that ever happens. Harry does he had back to Afghanistan it would be his second war. The last time he was there as soon as the news broke -- -- being on the ground out on the front lines in the most dangerous -- -- -- He was pulled out. For his own safety's. Prince -- finger will be -- trigger the apaches have the largest kill rates and of the British servicemen -- around that. They average about two Taliban kills a week on a normal tour opportunity. -- Harry yes he will be that which -- -- -- missiles. And his chain guns looking for enemy -- sections. The princess spent nearly two months in the California desert training at the famous top gun school. It's no secret he's always wanted to go back to fight the -- What goes -- my country nor come so very very lucky incidents on the tones to planet corpses. -- markets through its overtones upon the passions -- one -- medical systems -- for the -- until it's up. No decision or date has been set for prince Harry's deployment yet senior generals. Now the prime minister -- to authority review the situation before the -- -- given the all clear to go back to Afghanistan.

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{"id":15561723,"title":"Prince Harry Targeted by the Taliban","duration":"2:23","description":"Organization vows to capture or kill the prince when he returns to Afghanistan. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-targeted-taliban-15561723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}