Prince Harry Tours Rio

The young prince continues his South American tour in honor of his grandmother.
2:24 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry Tours Rio
Very personal -- Prince Harry this morning he's on his -- -- to honor his grandmother the queen of England while his latest destination takes him to. Where he is also paying tribute to his mother Princess Diana. ABC's Bob Woodruff is with the prince on the beach in Rio de Janeiro Bob -- -- it is great assignments. The good morning the out -- yet this is just a beautiful town here in real this is Flamengo beach not far from here Prince Harry is running he's playing volleyball. And -- it right now that he's traveled here all the way to Brazil he has really. Following the footsteps of his mother. This been an excellent adventure for Prince -- Last night in Rio he wants to stumble Brazil's traditional dance of celebration. Thank you for something I learned that it welcomed you'll -- findings that the this. I -- -- get destroyed the ability Barbados. The prince's trip as head dual purposes. Promoting his grandmother the queen for her diamond jubilee but also -- very personal voyage to Brazil where his mother Princess Diana had been a major force. This is Diana country. People in the embryo people in Brazil remember Diana's famous -- instead -- fans following her legacy. His mother made her mark in Brazil back in 1991. When she supported several organizations which helped to educate -- some of them homeless on the streets. -- that I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Herrera was here with Princess Diana when she visited this orphanage 21 years ago. He says that her son Harry is now following her mother's tradition of helping other people. Princess Diana would have been very proud of her son on this trip for his depth and range from visiting children in -- hospital beds. The party and on the streets. Today on the beaches of Rio it would be hard to resist. Royal schools are often quite boring and prince Harry's -- -- the the -- on this -- How sports are very very important -- they're not only -- playing volleyball and running today is they're gonna move on the planet rugby and then also cricket. And I have to -- quote from the press secretary of Prince Harry to what he really loves it the natural attractions. Of the beach.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"The young prince continues his South American tour in honor of his grandmother. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15892609","title":"Prince Harry Tours Rio","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-tours-rio-15892609"}