Prince Harry Voicemails Allegedly Intercepted

UK newspaper phone hacking scandal now involves the royal family.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry Voicemails Allegedly Intercepted
The British royal family -- -- into a sensational. Phone hacking trial now making front page news. That's right there's a senior side -- sexier side of adults who also expose an alleged affair between two top editors. This obviously have -- do with Prince Harry and ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann has more on the scandal from London good morning Jeffrey. And good morning -- it's a sleazy stuff of tabloid headlines but this time. It's Rupert Murdoch's own editors who are making the headlines -- -- all over the papers here they are on trial in court this week we heard. They would stop at nothing to get a story. Moments of personal angst that became splashy headlines in Rupert Murdoch's London tabloid. Panicked Prince Harry called his private secretary pleading for help on a college essay his message. I thought most of the stuff but if you've got the extra information -- website that you know up please please please email it to -- or text me. Prince William is shocked with harmless blanks during a military training exercise out of the reporters do it. They eavesdrop on private voicemails. This week Murdoch senior executives are in court facing criminal charges. Including conspiring to intercept voicemail messages. Accused of putting themselves above the law to invade people's private lives all for sensational stories. And increased newspaper sales. I'm sure they just -- but nobody would cash them and even if they do catch and nobody was going to do anything nobody would take them on because if he tied the moment. That there eventually broken isolation can hit back and hit -- -- this scandal closed the new to the world in 2011. It was Britain's biggest selling newspaper hugely profitable and no wonder. It had stories no one else could match. In an email royal reporter Clive Goodman asked editor Andy Coulson. For permission to illegally pay a police officer for confidential phone directories of the royal family. This is fine responded Colston -- then went on to become Press Secretary to Britain's prime minister David Cameron. And how's this for an ironic twist this week the two senior editors involved in this case Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson had their own private lives. Expose the Mets have headlines of the tabloids here when it was revealed that. They had a secret six year love affair proof says the prosecution that they conspired together to break the law. And now they get to experience what they did to so many others. -- I'm learning more and more about the scandal which first broke over a year ago thank you so much --

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{"id":20768403,"title":"Prince Harry Voicemails Allegedly Intercepted","duration":"3:00","description":"UK newspaper phone hacking scandal now involves the royal family.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-voicemails-allegedly-intercepted-20768403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}