Prince Harry Goes to Walmart

British royal mingles with bar-hoppers, shoppers during U.S. military training.
1:49 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry Goes to Walmart
Prince Harry is trying to prove he's just a regular diet while here in the US for his top gun military training -- -- spotted the -- buying shoes and now shopping at Wal-Mart. ABC's nick -- has the details sports. No he's just at every day -- -- Prince Harry multimillionaire. Royal highness and -- places in line at wal mart's. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- and on this critical vote on an. Beer and pizza and you know -- -- -- -- senator invited us to the party. Harry's also being spotted -- -- breakfast bacon and eggs and late night talk goes after bar hopping and and he's been hanging out -- Cocktail waitress. I think a lot of people expected that plays Harry it being in California would be rubbing elbows -- all of celebrities in Hollywood led. But that is not the case at all Harry's fantasies to be a normal chat and I think being in America's giving him that Johnson devout -- Unlike -- crusty and royals -- big -- wills and Kate Brennan try to keep it real. -- told grocery shops repeats and they flew home commercial from various US Jordan William -- and does little poultry and Kate. Drives her -- -- Prince Charles. He lives auditor from -- -- like -- his -- vote for him in the morning and it's toothpaste squeezed so we're told. There might be security -- lurking in the background but the message is clear these aren't shape shifting alien lizards. Its regular. But they've got to be careful because if -- to normal that maybe will stop battling for the may -- will stop. Watching them getting married on TV if they're too much like the rest of us Robin. Maybe we'll just stopped caring. Right -- thanks so much.

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{"id":14833535,"title":"Prince Harry Goes to Walmart","duration":"1:49","description":"British royal mingles with bar-hoppers, shoppers during U.S. military training.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-walmart-14833535","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}