Behind Prince Harry's royal proposal to Meghan Markle

Prince Harry said in an interview with BBC that the American actress didn't even let him finish proposing before saying "yes," and Markle confirmed the proposal happened on a "cozy night" while trying to roast a chicken.
3:51 | 11/28/17

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Transcript for Behind Prince Harry's royal proposal to Meghan Markle
and a lot of excitement about prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This was the photo put out to make the announcement on the kensington royal Instagram account. Most liked ever, 449, 162 to be exact. And counting. Happy-looking couple. They should be because prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down for a revealing interview and we're learning more about their proposal and, of course, everybody wants to know about that ring. Amy robach is at kensington palace. Good morning, Amy. How is everybody doing with the royal news? Reporter: Oh, everyone is so excited, Michael. As you might imagine, the cover of every single newspaper here in London has the happy couple's picture on it with multiple headlines. This one "The look of love." "She's the one." But I got to tell you this one is my favorite, "The corgis took to her straightaway." Yes, even the queen's dogs giving the soon-to-be American princess Meghan Markle their seal of approval and that is a sentiment seemingly shared by all of great Britain. This morning a candid glimpse of Meghan Markle and prince Harry. Several minutes of previously unseen footage from the couple's first interview shows them laughing and teasing each other right after the interview ended. This as reaction to the royal engagement pours in from around the world. Former president Obama tweeting his congratulations writing, Michelle and iwish you a lifetime of happiness. Even her on screen love saying your royal highness, you are a lucky man and I know your long life together will be joyful, pr productive and hilarious. They sat down with the bbc. She didn't let me finish. Can I say yes now and there was hugging and I had the Rick on my finger. Cozy night. What were we doing, roasting chicken. Trying to roast a chicken and just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural and very romantic. He got on O knee. Of course. Reporter: They both say the royal family has embraced Meghan. I've been seeing her for a period of time when I literally didn't tell anybody at all and then William was longing to meet her and so was Catherine so they are neighbors. We managed to get out a few times now and Catherine and William has been amazing. What do you think your mother would think. I think they would be thick as thieves. I think she would be over the moon jumping up and down so excited for me. Reporter: That ring designed by Harry himself a symbol of their love with a nod to Harry's late mother. The ring is obviously yellow gold because that's what her favorite, and the main stone itself, a source from Botswana and the little indictmendiamonded on the side are from my mother's jewelry collection. Beautiful ring. And, Amy, the engagement the first step, but what more do we know about the wedding plans? Reporter: Yes, well, local networks here in London, Michael, are reporting that more details of prince Harry and Meghan's wedding will be released, wait for it, in just a few hours. We have been told to expect a statement here from kensington palace that will likely include the wedding venue and perhaps even the date of the wedding. We know that the archbishop says they'll be married in a church. Which one? We'll have to wait and see. You'll be right there, Amy. They don't waste any time.

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{"id":51427704,"title":"Behind Prince Harry's royal proposal to Meghan Markle ","duration":"3:51","description":"Prince Harry said in an interview with BBC that the American actress didn't even let him finish proposing before saying \"yes,\" and Markle confirmed the proposal happened on a \"cozy night\" while trying to roast a chicken. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harrys-royal-proposal-meghan-markle-51427704","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}