Prince Harry's Training, Kate's First Solo Event

Kate Middleton's first event alone and a first look and Harry's U.S. training.
2:10 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry's Training, Kate's First Solo Event
But the next generation of royals Prince Harry now -- battle ready pilot is heading back to Afghanistan. And his brother Williams serving in the Falklands Qaeda is heading out her own for the first time as princess ABC's Nick Watney is latest from London good morning neck. Good morning George well I think we should start with Harry listen he's the wayward prince but he hasn't really found a calling -- -- flunking out of school and sort flunking in school and getting into a few scrapes but. He is now a pilot and his fly boy -- call him. A natural. And Apache attack helicopter comes in to land a seventy million dollar killing machine pilots and -- Can't wait Houston Paris Frankfurt school lets him but then he's a common Apache pilot -- -- the -- the 2% pilots. -- -- Last night he was -- best governor in his class and back in Afghanistan his finger. We'll be on the trigger including training included a stint in Arizona. You go to some memorial in the states. To them to fly around them into -- attorney. And Harry enjoyed the Harley's Vegas and the old mystery Brunette but. The takes -- very seriously. What goes so my country -- -- -- some resources like I was so very very lucky to do salvage homes to fly medical system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now Williams -- rescue choppers in the south Atlantic -- soda. Last night she went to an art gallery she turned -- -- artwork and everybody else turned up some. It was a huge significant moment in her life professed side of engagement -- busted acted -- choose and a slightly. Who feared -- -- -- I get paid to notice minute appearance alterations. This is Kate is a natural performer front. Just thought Princess Diana Wallace and I think the signs there are encouraging. And the biggest -- news she has just agreed to sit for her first official portrait to me. That is official that means that Kate is now -- fully fledged princess. You do know what all the and share all the banks have a great to have.

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{"id":15545719,"title":"Prince Harry's Training, Kate's First Solo Event","duration":"2:10","description":"Kate Middleton's first event alone and a first look and Harry's U.S. training.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harrys-us-training-kate-middleton-solo-royal-event-15545719","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}