Prince Philip Released from Hospital

The 90-year-old prince has rejoined his royal family for the holidays.
0:58 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Prince Philip Released from Hospital
Word out of London this morning that queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip has been released from the hospital so let's get straight to ABC's Kelly -- -- -- was on the story this morning hey Kelly good morning. Good morning Dan you know Philip was really itching to get out of the hospital in -- joined his family according to Buckingham Palace. And his doctors. Finally gave the OK this morning. The nine year old duke appear to be in great shape as he left the hospital rolled down the window even waved at the cameras as he was driven off to Sandringham. He apparently walked down the stairs at the hospital no wheelchair no elevator and thanked the doctors and nurses before he laughed. Prince Philip will stay with the queen at Sandringham until February 6 that's their usual schedule. It's also -- quiet place for -- to relax and recover from that surgery to replace a stent in a blocked artery. Prince Philip missed all of the Christmas offense -- injuring him but we're told he arrived in time. For a post Christmas lunch with the royal family today and he looks pretty good tough guy Kelly thank you.

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{"id":15238159,"title":"Prince Philip Released from Hospital","duration":"0:58","description":"The 90-year-old prince has rejoined his royal family for the holidays.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-philip-released-hospital-15238159","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}