Prince William Deployed on New Mission

Leaving Kate behind, the Duke of Cambridge is now in the Falkland Islands.
2:47 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Prince William Deployed on New Mission
-- we are getting -- first video on pictures of Prince William on his first overseas deployment as a helicopter pilot. His mission to the Falkland Islands is raising all sorts of issues in terms of international diplomacy. But also what does it mean for Kate who's back home alone ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann is in London what that story good morning -- you -- -- And good day near Vienna for -- very snowy London the question is. Prince William the British government's secret weapon you might ask that question because the future king of England has been dispatched to -- remote Falkland Islands. Along with the nuclear submarine in the royal navy's most advanced. Destroyer. Prince William is not in the Falklands to fight he is on a six week tour to continue his work as a search and rescue pilot. Flight left tenant whales as he is known. Seen in these first public images from the remote islands is according to Britain's ministry of defense on a routine deployment. -- -- war deployment that any young man in the air force in search and rescue would be would be said to it just so happens it's Williams time. But the timing makes the prince's presence awkwardly political because it's just weeks away from the thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands war. The last royal on the islands was William's uncle Prince Andrew. Who -- choppers during that war over a cluster of -- islands with more sheep than people. Argentina -- under a dictatorship invaded the British held Falklands just off its coast and claimed them. -- responded with military muscle and liberated the islands but almost a thousand soldiers died in the fight most of them Argentine. With her husband far away flying helicopters. -- future queen of England. -- for the first time be flying solo on official engagements. This week making an appearance at the National Portrait Gallery she's already been quietly making her way about town here in London. Speaking with recovering drug addicts at one of the charities she is a turnout. -- part of a formal training in being -- all the -- for and -- royal duty. And the fact that she's doing it while he is the way it will be very good for -- well his new wife but just -- her new role. Prince William finds himself in a role he didn't plan on. For Argentines. His presence is like pouring salt on an old wound that has not healed. And I'd take a look at the calendar and you'll see that the royal newlyweds will be spending their first Valentine's Day at opposite ends of the earth. Safe bet that William Doherty arranged the flowers and speaking of that calendar tonight marks an important anniversary for the British royals it was sixty years ago tonight that king George the sixth passed away sixty years ago tomorrow. That the young princess Elizabeth. Became queen of England.

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{"id":15516813,"title":"Prince William Deployed on New Mission","duration":"2:47","description":"Leaving Kate behind, the Duke of Cambridge is now in the Falkland Islands. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-deployed-mission-15516813","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}