Prince William Jokes About Using Christmas Bells To Keep Track Of His Toddler Son

ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
2:45 | 11/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince William Jokes About Using Christmas Bells To Keep Track Of His Toddler Son
Good afternoon I'm staring even here in the top five stories buzzing online rate. Unit number five Prince William has come up with ingenious use bricks at a Christmas bells given to him by school children at a charity back. He wants to use than as a tracker for his toddler son. The duke of Cambridge joked that he would put the Belgian prince George's pockets at Yankee legally binding on the Gobi. Wherever he and house and it probably makes sense given that their house is actually an enormous. Talents. Coming in at number four that Corleone family home from got there is up for sale. The five that refinancing isn't that night when he worked in with theme we used for the wedding scene. At the start of the quote nineteen that need to film. It's been renovated since then and the owners were sure to include a first floor office be modeled to look just like the one in the movie. Thankfully our heads are not. The realtors said the asking price is two point nine million dollars but I'm sure all you have to do is make him an offer he can't refuse. Coming in at number three it looks like jeopardy host Alex comeback is just as. Radian Lovett beyoncé at the rest this week theme he got her very own category on the long running game. The questions didn't. Jeopardize. Yes the performances of the contestants that would be brief through the trivia quiz. An almost flawless round but don't forget our variant George Stephanopoulos back he's own category. Coming and it never feel perspective collided this morning at the world's tallest man met the world's shortest man for the first time. 31 year old Fulton closing from Turkey SP and 83 inches. And 74 year old can three gains from Nepal and one foot seven inch posed for photos side by side in London to mark. Guinness world record and this next video showcases the unique joy of receiving a singing birthday card take. I'm starting gotta dance. No home. And where it. Back on again campaign. That little girl described him. Now this is a little media on what she was celebrating her first birthday. And he is absolutely adorable eight happy birthday. Like it yet. The journey to unity DNA from our patent is tomorrow for ABC news and searing pain in New York have a three day.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26896427","title":"Prince William Jokes About Using Christmas Bells To Keep Track Of His Toddler Son","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-jokes-christmas-bells-track-toddler-son-26896427"}