Prince William and Kate Having a Baby?

Rumor mill in full swing about Kate Middleton's potential pregnancy.
3:14 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Prince William and Kate Having a Baby?
-- -- the royal music club people are going a bit knots over speculation that Kate Middleton might be pregnant. The rumor mill went into high gear after the duchess of Cambridge made some dietary choices that raised eyebrows. For the latest in that ABC's on the hot sun on royal baby watch in London locked up could it be. Good morning Leon yes I'm on the case not that you've been waiting for this bit of information all morning and a white. The rumor mill has going into the drug we've been working the phones carrying the papers watching bits of video trying to find out if -- is actually pregnant. We've -- and all those avenues so we spoke with a body language expert instead. She may not look pregnant that we wanted to get to the bottom of these baby rumors spotlight -- -- Check it out will take some peanut paste she does not. For years mothers who had been told to stay away but -- for their babies to -- -- a college. That was a huge -- that possibly. Kate's pregnant. A huge hint today well that's not good enough -- -- we have the evidence to a body language expert to investigate. Watch her entrance right here she comes in Iran you see. She has her fingers -- locked. Over that belly very protective you'll see it again here -- hot so hard pounds are always hovering over her Betty. So isn't really a -- will -- hiding underneath that coach. Take a look at how she news. She holds her hand here in front of her belly doesn't relax and down -- -- that is they might normally the suspense is killing us he's tough. Verdict is a possibility she may be pregnant if you look her Fe see -- the facial muscles are opt. I think he could be pregnant so -- could be pregnant but -- this -- -- from hobby. About recent royal engagements she wasn't drinking bubbly at this event. And that timing just lost -- the 300 year old succession. Changed. Rule now have equal rights is boy's team to the -- who coincidence or are real hands. -- all we reading -- -- much into it wishful thinking the royal couple is expecting. Well we know one thing -- on Nall baby shot. It's very important to me and you know I hate. Well being -- -- about hockey found themselves. So there is still no official word from the palace that went confirm or deny speculation about a well pregnancy -- We still have a definitive also CU but we -- now here I'm no expert but she looks she -- a baby glow about her what do you guys think. Well you know be out of military again has a baby though about her because she's about five months and and I wanna hear what you think. Do you think. I think that the succession will change and -- the timing the timing of that tells me something more than whether or not her hands -- place and river valley in fact Prince William has hand. Placed in front of his balance it may just be a British thing that. That's how our kids and congratulations to you bank -- -- think you.

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{"id":14887524,"title":"Prince William and Kate Having a Baby?","duration":"3:14","description":"Rumor mill in full swing about Kate Middleton's potential pregnancy. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-baby-14887524","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}