Prince William and Kate Middleton Welcome Baby Boy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn is the third in line to the British throne.
2:56 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Prince William and Kate Middleton Welcome Baby Boy
-- new air is a baby boy. Born to duchess -- a short time ago and the Prince William for 24 PM I'm told. Eight pounds six ounces eight pounds six ounces. The duke of Cambridge was present. And that would be a bigger baby then Prince William was Prince William I believe -- a little more than seven pounds. So a baby boy and I want to bring in ABC's Barbara Walters who's been covering the royal family. For a long time here and when I saw you react to moments ago when I announced that -- boy. Well I'm I'm delighted at every visit to baby boy whether boy or girl as we have pointed out there's a new rules succession -- -- The girl would be the edge of the throne. -- -- -- -- Charles I don't expect the baby's name for awhile because. Was mud and a week. Before Williamson. Was announced I don't remember that but evidently -- and -- -- is not only is a mystery file monthly there's just there's the -- against. But and a way actually to -- it would be ago. Because I know how much. Her room highness Princess Diana want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barbara wanted to really -- the viewers were joining us right now we have just learned from London. That this new royal air is a baby boy weighing in at eight pounds six ounces for royal highness the duchess of cameras. Cambridge was safely delivered of a -- at 424 of their time. The duke of Cambridge was present for the birth of queen the duke of Edinburgh prince of Wales the duchess of Cornwall Prince Harry -- members of both families. I've been informed and are delighted with the news in fact. We have been led to believe that queen perhaps was among the first if not the first person to be informed of the birth. For royal highness were -- in her child are both doing well and will remain in the hospital overnight right there at Saint Mary's. But Barbara brings up a fascinating point which is we might be waiting for some time for the name and I want to bring in Patrick Jackson who was. Princess Diana's private secretary it was sometime before we learned. Prince -- -- Prince Harry and earned almost immediately but William DeWitt of the week or so -- we could be waiting here. We might -- -- and because this has enormous symbolic significance in New England to have people measure history by rains of kings and queens and had -- Elizabeth towards the Victoria. -- does not alone for the list and whatever name they choose no for the christening. May be the name under which he will -- in years to come. But there's just a chance he might have a -- -- prison with Melanie chooses terrain under different -- when he actually sends the threat. But these names generally have some sort of connection -- the monarch he some. Perhaps it was a god parents or -- grandparent or Oracle parents middle name but generally there's a connection to the monarch monarch is -- -- let sleeping. But then there will be more than one day jobs out there could be as many as four.

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{"id":19739427,"title":"Prince William and Kate Middleton Welcome Baby Boy","duration":"2:56","description":"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn is the third in line to the British throne.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-middleton-baby-boy-19739427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}