Will and Kate Baby Rumors

Pregnancy rumors continue to swirl while the couple moves to a bigger place.
2:33 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Will and Kate Baby Rumors
And Kate the rumors continue to swirl is -- looking for signs that a royal air is on the way and there's something new buzz about this morning. ABC's -- -- joins us from London with more on that good morning neck. Good morning George well the latest is William and Kate are planning to move into a new place a four bedroom place -- -- narrow -- Which has me asking the question. Are they -- in. For the most hoped to -- couple in -- swank. New address 18 Kensington Palace William grew up here -- Diana lived here but they decided not to move into her. Actual apartment when insult the -- it was little too crowded with memories and hate. Told a friend that it was a little -- creepy. BI -- -- back into the home in what her husband grew -- they've chosen this four bedroom pad with a private walled garden isn't spectacular. GMA got a sneak peek back in April. Nice but first major retailer they'll move in 2013. And then they'll probably. Those towns are still lagging office -- flying that -- infamous peanut paste it open hate him last week. She called his mom to -- jewels -- -- of the champagne. At a reception we run a story about the number of times she touched her tummy twelve times no less -- to -- was actually was seen. Cradling -- tummy -- passing it and no orders from the palace to cease and desist on the pregnancy rumors. It will be several several weeks before any announcement might officially three months into her pregnancy -- -- remember that aside from handshaking and tree planting -- Royals job is little more than continuing the dynasty. There is pressure on them like you wouldn't believe. Last week they changed succession -- the first born boy or girl is now and to the throat and we'd just might. Have a -- -- blue blooded baby late spring. Slash thirty some. And good news for any little royals fun time uncle Harry that's Prince Harry he is going to be moving into a cottage in the grounds of the palace and I can guarantee that heat will be the source of cold. Listen can I. A fun time uncle very. It's the wrong with a little candy in the home but it actually you know we've got another great source you you saw this apart. That was inside when I want for the royal wedding and I can honestly I want to take -- going thirteen to get renovated. Yes it was a little draftees and suddenly. A little updating but I'm sure will be a lovely home and the concern and it will be an uncle Harry next -- -- --

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{"id":14895781,"title":"Will and Kate Baby Rumors","duration":"2:33","description":"Pregnancy rumors continue to swirl while the couple moves to a bigger place.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-middleton-move-feed-baby-rumors-14895781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}