Prince William, Kate Go on Safari in India

The royal couple open up about their passion project -- plus see Kate's newest looks on the tour.
1:49 | 04/13/16

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Transcript for Prince William, Kate Go on Safari in India
We'll take a look at Kate and will's royal road trip on safari in India, fourth day of a royal tour speaking out about an issue close to their hearts. ABC's lama Hasan has the details. This morning, William and Kate in the jungles of north ears India feeding orphaned baby elephants and rhinos and going on safari through kazaranga national park. They both love wildlife. Particularly William. Conservation is his fashion. Reporter: They dressed down this casual chic for their trek through the desert. Kate in skinny ZARA jeans and a white polka dot blouse. Last night William and Kate received a warm welcome at a campfire complete with traditional songs and dancing and one adorable tiny 3-year-old who not only stole the show but their hearts too. As he tried stamping on William and Kate's feet. The girls at the village reminding her of princess Charlotte revealing later she is missing her own kids and confessing that prince George is very naughty. But away from all the official engagements on their whirlwind tour of India one thing everybody is buzzing about is her dazzling fashion choices. The duchess putting out all the stops on this trip mixing a little Indian and british couture with main street labels and this little number Kate choosing a $75 bohemian red dress with a Navy trim to meet some of India's poorest children. She decided that that dress was the right thing to wear, I think, to go and meet children on the streets this time in Delhi. You can look good in cheap chic. For "Good morning America," llalama has Hasan, London. The way she says it, cheap chic. Absolutely, Amy. Now to the most stylish athletes around.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"The royal couple open up about their passion project -- plus see Kate's newest looks on the tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38351414","title":"Prince William, Kate Go on Safari in India","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-safari-india-38351414"}