Prince William Spends Night With Kate, Son

ABC News royal contributor Victoria Murphy discusses the birth of the royal baby.
2:00 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Prince William Spends Night With Kate, Son
How do you raise a baby to one day be king? Joining us from london, is abc news contributor victoria murphy, who is also the royal reporter of "the daily mirror." And a new mom yourself. Congratulations to you. A little break in protocol for the royal family. He spent the night with her. Good morning. Thank you, robin. William did, doting dad, william, could not be parted from his wife and baby's side last night. It is oar impressive. Prince charles was there when he was born. But he did not stay the night. I think it shows how much times have changed. That tells us how much of a hands - on dad william plans to be. And how much he plans to be involved in the baby's upbringing. Another sign that things have changed, it was about four hours when the baby was born and when it was announced because will and kate wanted to tell their family and friends before telling the whole world. Just like proud parents, right, victoria? Of course, they did. Exactly. And you think it's incredible that nothing leaked out for four hours. During that time, william and kate had a lot of important phone calls to make. They had to tell the queen. William told his parent, his brother and the middletons. And I would be surprised if they didn't make phone calls to their closest friends. There's no way they would want their best friends to find out about this birth through the media. I would be very surprised they haven't made a lot of phone calls in those four hours. Congratulations to you. And thank you for your perspective and insight. All the best.

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{"id":19744071,"title":"Prince William Spends Night With Kate, Son","duration":"2:00","description":"ABC News royal contributor Victoria Murphy discusses the birth of the royal baby.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-spends-night-kate-son-19744071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}