Princes William, Harry Discuss Queen in Interview

Queen Elizabeth's grandkids reveal private side of U.K.'s monarch of 60 years.
3:04 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Princes William, Harry Discuss Queen in Interview
If -- big royal anniversary this Monday Queen Elizabeth we'll have been on the -- for sixty years she's never given an interview such -- -- -- Now -- -- reporter and author has written a book called the real lives that. And made three hourlong documentaries. ABC's nick -- has the story and what was uncovered -- -- -- -- it properly and keep it asks is located he loves -- sit in private she smiles law but personal motto. I have -- to -- She noticed that you were slightly stalking her to make -- films she did because she never misses a -- Never and under that -- is an encyclopedic. Knowledge of world events gathered over -- And she would race which he became queen Elvis Presley was leaving school. That mr. mark Chandra grandkids. Who works -- in charge. She's professional abilities tonight -- -- -- -- crimes. -- speak to -- and that's closer and digital you know if you split seconds of music they go to her for advice a great deal. Particularly with things like the wedding presumably -- -- -- didn't run -- It's time Democrat we will since the revenue and stands -- selves and just kind of what's his right to those -- it's -- to listen to -- that I find my credit I kind of that's weird isn't it well she is still. -- but the queen it is in stupid that people should. -- she's never -- the queen. And I think community even with some -- -- -- over the it's terrorism -- Ford's -- constantly able to -- are remembering rooms -- dollars and things -- she shouldn't be doing. And she still inviting world leaders to Buckingham Palace even showing them to their room was his. You know -- and are almost private visit to somebody else's house. And it's the family hope and to the family she loves -- very close to -- of the -- -- of the -- with. But it's a -- -- fringes he's grabbing headlines again grenade hit the Middleton back -- their old -- George -- small gourds these air to that title duke of northumberland. Heir to the console. -- used as -- the agriculture films. We never garnered headlines like means do you feel that she could possibly have any skeletons in her closet we just don't know. I'm sure -- a -- about. We don't know but I don't think skeletons in closes. Up probably that we live in an age of celebrity. Where celebrities are supposed to -- -- -- you all the details and she just doesn't believe in any of that stuff you know she just doesn't do. And you have to say it's worked quite well -- But the queen does keep an -- on Walt journalists are saying about -- I am terrified if she ever watches -- Good Morning America Robin you might never see me again but the public taken to Tower of London. And blogs well above well -- out nick. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15505466,"title":"Princes William, Harry Discuss Queen in Interview","duration":"3:04","description":"Queen Elizabeth's grandkids reveal private side of U.K.'s monarch of 60 years.","url":"/GMA/video/princes-william-harry-discuss-queen-elizabeth-interview-15505466","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}