Cops Investigate Claim that Princess Di Was Murdered

Allegations that British Special Forces killed the princess surfaced during a court-martial.
3:43 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Cops Investigate Claim that Princess Di Was Murdered
We'll begin with the shocking allegations about princess diana's death. Authorities now reviewing the new and sensational claim that she was actually murdered by the british government. Abc's chief legal affairs anchor with more, dan abrams. Talk about a conspiracy. Oh, yeah. This may be the most thoroughly investigated car crash ever. But when you're talking about the death of princess diana, it seems some will never accept the official finding. After all attributing her death to negligence, mistakes, bad behavior isn't nearly as tantalizing as a claim of murder. It seemed like a terrible accident. And was officially ruled just that, an accident caused by among other things the gross negligence of driver henri paul but now scotland yard is looking into a new claim that princess diana and her boyfriend dodi fayed were actually murdered by british special forces 16 years ago this month. Whenever you bring in stories about special forces personnel, then immediately you've got the prospect of a red hot story. Reporter: The allegation came in the form of a letter. During a court-martial of sergeant danny nightingale, convicted of illegal gun possession. The letter alleged that a fellow special ops soldier told his wife their unit orchestrated the princess' death and cover-up. They had a team of people over there on motorbikes designing, planning the whole operation, waiting with cars, et cetera, so the car would be driven down -- driven at a high speed, driven into the tunnel and the strobe light would be used to disorientat henri paul. Reporter: It claims the british government had her killed because they saw her as a threat. The security services and the monarchy establishment realized this is a big danger. Reporter: He alleges the princess was pregnant and planning on marries fayed and possibly preparing to leak embarrassing information about the prince. The problem, in 2008 after six months of reviewing every piece of evidence during a formal inquest into diana's death, no evidence was found that she was pregnant or engaged or, of course, murdered. There was no conspiracy to murder any occupants of that car. Reporter: Buckingham palace has not commented on the allegations and scotland yard is choosing its words carefully saying this is not a reinvestigation, but that they are just scoping the new allegation. Now, let's be clear. This accusatory letter came from the estranged parents of the wife of a former intelligence operative. Talk about hearsay upon hearsay upon hearsay but when if comes out just as a new book saying the same thing emerges, scotland yard has to at least look into it and it's just too good for us not to discuss. Can you imagine the kind of conspiracy this would have had? Oh, yeah, the number of people that had to be involved and to have not said anything for all this time is absurd. What does scotland yard -- they're not calling it an investigation, they're saying they'll look at the scope of all this. What do they do? Publicly and privately they're doing two different things. They're saying, look, we are going to say this. They're being careful about what they say. Privately I'm sure that they are rolling their eyes and saying, oh, another one of these? We got -- at that point they say we looked at it -- at least they can say this was looked into without saying reinvestigating it. Okay, dan abrams, thanks very

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{"id":19998412,"title":"Cops Investigate Claim that Princess Di Was Murdered ","duration":"3:43","description":"Allegations that British Special Forces killed the princess surfaced during a court-martial.","url":"/GMA/video/princess-diana-death-claim-lady-di-murdered-british-19998412","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}