Princess Kate voices powerful PSA on children's mental health

The new video, released by charity Place2Be, kicks off Children's Mental Health Week in the U.K.
2:19 | 02/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Princess Kate voices powerful PSA on children's mental health
Childhood is an incredibly important and it's an alliance it is a time when we external testing entities discover the potential that lies within minutes. And man highly do you sense. I experienced the love of the study stage that helps to shape who would come at that house. And how we begin to feel comfortable and are in skin. I think both green fund borrow in trying to encourage children and young people be themselves but FS stocks changing its and then I found it quite difficult. China and careful what you I was I spent enough time it takes to beat and they told me at all about how I can be who I am. When I think about what and Naples young people to be themselves I think it's not team community around the young person rather it's the school the patents the white community. But that create the environment and asking for them to do. Some children will be facing tougher challenge is an office but I found evenly. That while we cannot change that circumstances. We kind of Mitchell that every child is given the best possible support. Officials say from now that treat touch this is. Asked to achieve what we the adults who none minds what to get. To get tuned to Indian nations strength. Babies. To face that he isn't trying. When my children Stein's hands and an eight by. Attended takes me I'm so that having XP has help them just realized that you believe they are in the opposite of what parents can embrace who they are. And Scott what's the that in patents cited they they never felt like they're in competition with someone now. In today's society is quite cards and I feel like it's important honest I'm not what you see on station media shouldn't be what you think he should. Schools earned companies occupy its actual position at the floats athlete like. And that is why a parent support. Paste these this children's and whether we exclude visas teach his support system. All parents we each have a crucial role to play when we ain't no honest with each other about the challenges we face. Week from what together potential contagion in our cash. Have to chose to become the past actions and consent.

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{"id":52844126,"title":"Princess Kate voices powerful PSA on children's mental health","duration":"2:19","description":"The new video, released by charity Place2Be, kicks off Children's Mental Health Week in the U.K.","url":"/GMA/video/princess-kate-voices-powerful-psa-childrens-mental-health-52844126","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}