Pro Athletes Making Big Bucks for Endorsing Junk Food

Dan Abrams gives unvarnished take on today's most provocative topics.
4:43 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Pro Athletes Making Big Bucks for Endorsing Junk Food
And we're going to have more with them this morning. Time for our wednesday feature "the jury's out." Dan abrams gives us his take on the most provocative items. A new study from yale university, calls out pro athletes, from peyton manning, TO LeBRON JAMES, TO SERENA Williams, for making big bucks corrupting us and our kids, by showing foods from oreos, McDONALD'S, TO NAME A FEW. We're going to whine about which foods they're endorsing, rather than not buying the ones we don't like. And exactly -- define what is healthy. Is pizza really bad for you? What if you're eating salads at McDONALD'S. Are we only going to let them promote fruits and veggies? Why is dan talking like this. My take. We're going to rename it. Yeah. No one's passing a law on this. They can call them out on it. I think it's a parents' job to regulate what your kids eat. If they want to -- the whole focus of this study was to highlight -- they wanted to name them by name and call out the particular products that they were promoting. And saying, this is bad. Oreo cookies are bad. Would you love social responsibility? Are they worshiped by young people? Yes. Can I get a tight shot on three, please. If I were to say, eat your oreo. Together. Really, there's -- they're sports figures. They should kind of -- I don't have a problem with them promoting alcohol, either, by the way. Really? Be able to do whatever you -- the liberty. Next up, with twitter going public, we learn their seven-person board has no women. Multibillion dollar pension fund has an answer. They want the government to force public companies to have at least three women on their boards. Without it, they say the numbers move too slowly. Time to do something like that here. I'm well aware, women on these boards, not just good policy, good for business. I don't think we need the government requiring it. We need shareholders demanding it. Yeah. No government action? Don't tread on us. What if it moves too slowly? What if in the bottom line, we tried this. We suggested it. We had targets and they're not being met. It's just not happening. It's a shareholder movement. When is the government going to step in, it's going to be unmanageable. On this one, we have twitter. In agreement again. I think it should be a matter of public ridicule. They don't have women on their boards and we won't buy their stock. Companies have the right to choose the best candidates on their positions. This should be guided by merit and talent and nothing else. This one we can agree there's real disagreement. Moms -- okay. Agree that there's some disagreement. Moms, are now defending hooters, as a family-friendly restaurant because they have crayons, high-chairs and kid menus. One mom wrote, the outfits are a shtick, like going to disney world. Hooters really has kids meals? I pretend like I don't know. Today's special is grilled cheese. Am I b fudy duddy for bringing your kid to a place that's known for its nonchicken-related breasts? When did they start marketing to moms? They have a kids menu. They view themselves as a family-friendly restaurant. A smart business practice for them, if it works. It's a hard sell. I don't think the average person think that's a family restaurant. Well, we did a poll on it. Okay. Go ahead. H about that? Numbers. What goodmorningamerica.Com poll, is hooters an appropriate place to bring kids. 25% say yes. 75% say no. I'm surprised by the 25%. The marketing to mom isn't going so well yet. No. The 25%, I'll bet you most of those people have been there. Have they? I don't know. Got to wrap it up. Too much agreement this time. I have to find other controversials. We agree we like the voice. It's the delivery that matters, right? Who cares what I'm saying? As long as I say it. Love this segment. Also on "the heat index"

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Dan Abrams gives unvarnished take on today's most provocative topics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20515278","title":"Pro Athletes Making Big Bucks for Endorsing Junk Food","url":"/GMA/video/pro-athletes-making-big-bucks-endorsing-junk-food-20515278"}