Pro Athletes Are 'Proud to Play'

Superstar athletes are showing their support for LGBT month using the hashtag "Proud to Play."
4:46 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Pro Athletes Are 'Proud to Play'
videos. Superstars coming together for proud to play. It's in honor of lesbian, gay, transsexual pride month. Kicking off the month of June. Take a look. You have to be brave to step forward and declare to the rest of the world, this is who I am. It's important to be proud to play. This is the biggest moment in sports. It's our time to make a difference. We show the world that every athlete can be proud to play. Check it out. Jason Collins, kobe Bryant. That's great. It was just last year that Robbie came out. He has came out to his teammates. But going out to his family was the hardest part. And it makes it easier for the next one. I love the feeling of love that is surrounding these players. It will continue all year long. You can join it by uploading the video to youtube. And I'm thinking of Derek Gordon, the young basketball player from mass who came out a few months ago. And it's exactly what you're saying. Just by seeing others and wanting to show that example for all. Up now in "The heat index" one of the most e-mailed stories for "The New York times" overnight. How parent are handwriting skills to your child's education? There's new evidence suggesting that even as technology plays a bigger role, yes, in schools, the benefits of learning handwriting skills go beyond pencil and paper. This comes as most states have adopted standards that focus on learning handwriting in kindergarten and first grade. Then shift to learning typing. We want to hear from you. What do you think matters more? Good handwriting or good typing skills? Tweet us at "Gma." Can we go with both? I started with handwriting first. But my kids don't. I also used writing things out to help me memorize. By putting it on paper, to me, it locks it in. It was a great studying tool. Great discipline and care. Unfortunately, do as I say, not as I do. I have the world's worst handwriting. I can attest. I was at a book signing over the weekend. And they had a book that my mom wrote. And it had my mom's handwriting. It's something about seeing handwriting. And it was my mom. That's something that you don't get with typing. And a good thank you note. A lost art. Yes, it is. Also coming up, or right now, I should say, in our "Heat index" you know the tune. "Star wars," episode 7, it all the buzz again this morning. Major star power has joined the cast. This time, Lupita nyong'o. The actress posted this message to fans on Monday. I can say it out loud and proud, I'm going to a galaxy far, far away. She is joining the cast. And this is a big, big deal because she's obviously just the hottest thing in Hollywood. So, for her to sort of get onboard I think says a lot about where this movie is headed. Up into the galaxy. And beyond. December 18th, 2015, we'll be able to watch it. And before then, I'll do 948 stories on it. Burning up "The heat index," spiking right now, anti-wrikle creams. We go over to social square, as people search for the best creams. Yahoo! Compiled the top list. We have the top searched skin screams. There's kills midnight recovery. And bare minerals multiwrinkle repair. And we have Dr. Ashton with us. Everyone's searching for that perfect cream. You have your favorite. I do have my favorite. Before I tell you what that is, the most important thing when you're preventing skin aging, sun damage. 90% of how we age, is due to sun. For all skin types, spf 365 days a year. That's the key. You want to hear my favorite? Yes. I love the neutrogena anti-wrinkle scream. It has spf in it. It doesn't clog my skin. And I've seen some of this damage. And it's affordable. It's not expensive. It's like $20. You say you want to put the hats on. Where's my hats? This, this is my hat. It's bent. This is really important. But there's really great science and technology in these skin creams today.retinols. Now to "Gma" investigates, summer shoe dangers from flip-flops to ballet flats and sky-high heels. The go go-to shoes for summer can may have your feet paying

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{"id":23971426,"title":"Pro Athletes Are 'Proud to Play'","duration":"4:46","description":"Superstar athletes are showing their support for LGBT month using the hashtag \"Proud to Play.\"","url":"/GMA/video/pro-athletes-proud-play-23971426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}