Potty Trainer for Hire Is Latest in Outsourced Parenting

New York City potty trainer Samantha Allen uses routine and positive reinforcement to successfully potty train toddlers.
3:37 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Potty Trainer for Hire Is Latest in Outsourced Parenting
One of the fun jobs of Parenti parenting, what's the guess. Potty training. Frustrating and messy and seems to take forever. Some parents have found the way around the challenge and Paula Faris has the details. Reporter: It's something many parents dread. Potty training. Come along and be my potty boy. Reporter: Some dance like John travolta and Kirstie alley in the classic "Look who's talking." Others read books. ? and then there are those who hire professional help. I'm a professional potty trainer. Reporter: Enter Samantha Allen. A New York City potty trainer who says she can get the job done in just two days. I know some parents will be skeptical. How do you do it in two days? I create as many opportunities for practice as possible. And I choose a good reinforcer. It doesn't matter if the child likes to be thrown up in the air or if it's candy. Reporter: Marisa and Doug tried training their son for months. You're frustrated. You're annoyed. Why did you call Samantha. It made sense to call in somebody. Reporter: You guys are embarrassed by this. No. She has more experience than we do. If there's an area where you need assistance, there's no harm in asking for it. Reporter: How do Samantha do it? She starts by giving Ethan, lots of liquids. Then sets a timer to buzz every 30 minutes. That's it. Readiy. This routine plays on repeat again and again. Until a child can finally go on their own. But this doesn't come cheap. A two-day session will run I a whopping $1750. But for mom Georgeanna, that money was not flushed down the toilet. I thought it was a miracle. He had this sense of achievement like he's proud of himself. Reporter: While Samantha doesn't guarantee she can potty train every child, her success rate speaks for itself. 100%. Reporter: 100%. 100%. For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, ABC news, New York. Of course, in the long run everyone is 100%. Our expert, Dr. Rhonda Silverman. It's easy to criticize and judges but there are a lot of different reasons why somebody might do this. Yes, we have the parents who just don't want to do the dirty work and they pass it off to a professional but you also have parents who might be challenged by work/life balance and are working full time, they are a single parent, they're not able to be grounded at the house. Because you have to immerse yourself to get this done. They're not able to be there so they need to pass it off to somebody else and you have some parents who are at their wits and out of ideas and so they don't lose their minds. Just one problem with many that erupts over -- A missed opportunity for some parents. I do believe when we go through challenges with our children we bond with them and they're able to trust us and they know that we're the ones to go to when things get challenging not just when they're little but when they get bigger so important 0 lay the groundwork for homework difficulty, dating difficulty, whatever so that's really helpful. But we know that some parents just don't have the time and they need to pass it off to somebody else. Fair point. Okay, Robyn, thank you very much.

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{"id":24844966,"title":"Potty Trainer for Hire Is Latest in Outsourced Parenting","duration":"3:37","description":"New York City potty trainer Samantha Allen uses routine and positive reinforcement to successfully potty train toddlers.","url":"/GMA/video/professional-potty-trainer-samantha-allen-trains-toddlers-days-24844966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}