'Project X'-Like Party: Teen Killed

Has the popular movie about a wild house party inspired a dangerous trend?
1:52 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Project X'-Like Party: Teen Killed
One of the hottest movies and theaters right now has inspired a new trend among teenagers out of control house parties. -- all over the country are trying to topple while bash in the movie but as ABC's Brian Owens reports they can have serious consequences. -- High school kids throw a wild party wild woman get her out of town the advance its way out of hand. OK so the new movie project X doesn't have the most original -- but there's a twist. -- -- -- -- -- Florida teenager post this YouTube invitation. To his own project X party. A tour of a foreclosed home outside Miami that police say he trash. Just graffiti all over the place they broke a chandelier -- all of line and spray painted. Officers arrested the would be host both for his party -- and but no one told the nearly 2000 people who showed up later that night invitations to so called project starting are popping up all over Craig's list FaceBook and Twitter in Houston almost looked. Thousand people showed up at one. When police tried to break up the bash one party goers started shooting a teenager was killed or murdered lost control which rewarded. It was avoided at this Michigan man tells the party and his son Mikey tweeted invitations to what he called -- project in party. Out of nowhere it became a top trend on Twitter he got RS VPs from across the globe. And it did it as like a joke way. I mean I guess it was -- -- on China -- the next project X -- made -- cancel and police have been outside his home ever sense. But the owners of a local Internet company were so impressed. They offered the high schooler a marketing job. Trust me that's so far better ending -- the real project acts Good Morning America -- Owens ABC news Dallas.

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{"id":15935014,"title":"'Project X'-Like Party: Teen Killed","duration":"1:52","description":"Has the popular movie about a wild house party inspired a dangerous trend?","url":"/GMA/video/project-party-teen-killed-15935014","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}