Prom Proposal on 'GMA Live'

Find out what happens when a teen was surprised by her boyfriend live on-air.
2:37 | 01/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prom Proposal on 'GMA Live'
So today -- you may have noticed that we had this thing that was I think sometimes things just happen on television on GMA and so this young. Where is he worried compared. -- And tell me the story exactly because. -- -- in. Introduce yourself so we -- know who everybody is here. Mitchell Mitchell bark and bark and Mountain View our -- these younger brown younger brother okay. Boyfriend. Knows your coming here it he says he'll give you what hundred dollars. -- it's an ice cream. You don't don't know exactly how this works out to -- -- 118100 -- If you make a sign and ask your sister to the problem for Andrew not -- answer that right after -- socialist zionists awesome -- Do -- -- you do all that this is delivered right this is message delivered but we weren't sure with a -- she was awake yet. Right so really we were really concerned at first we thought you were Andrew and you better you ended at seven we were like seven great promises like -- So we have to folks on the phone right now this is GMA live is going nuts right now on the expensive phone bills we have. We have been getting we have -- and -- on the phone both. Do you -- say hello to us. -- I think that's a good morning -- itself under arrest and then you know send someone to do the work do you wanna do it. Wanted to do it live on GMA alive right now do you -- -- -- go -- -- I can access it -- it doesn't matter to me okay do. -- Yes he what you you don't -- probably. Okay. Yeah. Did you know that all of this is all this trouble was you know happening around you going to problem. No I had a bad language when -- yeah. According Jesse. It all -- I would like to say good morning and congratulations and would you guys do with the favorite. And -- just one great picture of you guys going to the prom together and we'll make sure we put on the -- are our first. -- couple by the way -- the broadcast. I'd like kind of thing you guys you and and I didn't hang out here you'd like -- into the residence -- -- All the little revenue earlier and -- -- -- -- -- have fewer than my friends.

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{"id":18337101,"title":"Prom Proposal on 'GMA Live'","duration":"2:37","description":"Find out what happens when a teen was surprised by her boyfriend live on-air.","url":"/GMA/video/prom-proposal-gma-live-18337101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}